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Egg Fertilization - what is the max time they give to fertilize an egg

I had egg retrieval yesterday 1 mature egg out of the 4 collected. I got a call today advising that it has NOT fertilized yet and they will wait to see tomorrow. Does anyone know what is the max time allowed or possible timing for an egg to fertilize?
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Also in certain situations, your doctor may recommend other procedures before embryo transfer.
Assisted hatching. About five to six days after fertilization, an embryo "hatches" from its surrounding membrane, allowing it to implant into the lining of the uterus. If you're an older woman, or if you have had multiple failed IVF attempts, your doctor is likely to recommend it.
Then PGS - Embryos are allowed to develop in the incubator until they reach a stage where a small sample can be removed and tested for specific genetic diseases or the correct number of chromosomes, typically after five to six days of development. While preimplantation genetic testing can reduce the likelihood that a parent will pass on a genetic problem, it can't eliminate the risk..
Honestly, I've come for updates.  Please, do drop a line soon.
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Hi, luv. I know that you've probably have got the answer. But still thought I could e of some help.
When the physician removes follicles containing eggs from your ovary, they are given to the lab in test tubes. They then search the tubes to find what they call cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs). A COC is an egg surrounded by several layers of small cells. They typically grade each COC as an A (best), B, or C. based on things like how large the mass of cumulus cells is. How well placed they are around the egg itself. What the texture of the complex is. They place the dishes of eggs with sperm back in the incubator, in a specialized growth fluid, and allow them to finish fertilization for 12 to 18 hours. After this time, they will be checked under a microscope for signs of correct fertilization. They look for what are called pronuclei inside the egg, and if they see two (one from the egg and one from the sperm), that is a sign that the egg was fertilized normally. You might see these marked as 2pn, which to us means fertilized. Now the embryo has formed and will start dividing in time. Hope things are getting on well for you. All the very best.
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