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Endormetriosis /laparoscopy

Hi im 36 years old and ive just had a laproscopy on the 13th of august to unblock my right tube as I have endormetriosis, has anybody got any success story's of becoming pregnant after having this type of surgery as I'm worried about having an ectopic pregnancy. Also when would be best for me to try for a baby after a laparoscopy any help would be much appreciated Thankyou x
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Hi there,
Moderate or severe endometriosis can reduce fertility due to major pelvic adhesions which can prevent the release of eggs, block sperm entry into the fallopian tube, and prevent the fallopian tubes ability to pick up eggs during ovulation. Laparoscopic treatment of minimal and mild endometriosis has been associated with a significant improvement in pregnancy rates. For more queries and assistance consult your attending doctor. I hope it helps. Best of luck and kind regards!
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Thank you Arti Sharma for your comments i can relax a bit more now i will get in touch with my consultant again as when i had my first laproscopy my endormetriosis was mild and i had good ovaries its just my tubes wasn't very good due to a previous infection plus mild endometriosis. I started getting pain again 2 years after the 1st laparoscopy so I've had a 2nd one done and now I have no pain at all now but I forgot to ask the consultant how bad the endormetriosis was this time round I've had a recent scan and they said my ovaries are great thanks again for your help :)
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Excuse my ignorance here ... is that the same test that checks for blockages in the uterus with dye? I'm 39 and just starting my journey to become pregnant and I'm scheduled for that ultrasound next week ... kinda scared.
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Not sure if its the same procedure as Harleyboy123 had but I've had the procedure you will have next week twice. The first time I had it, my GYN did it because I have years of unexplained fertility. The second time was last year by a specialist who confirmed they were blocked and tried to unblock them but were unable so he removed the tubes, which he recommended to increase my chances with IVF. I've had no issues with either out patient surgery, just a little soreness. Hope this helps. Started IVF 8/20th.
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I had a laparoscopy in 2002 - endometriosis, ovarian cyst, and twisted Fallopian tube. I had lots of similar concerns as Harleyboy123.  My husband and I conceived in 2009 after just two months of trying and our healthy baby boy was born in 2010. I was days away from turning 32 when he was born. We are about to start trying for #2 now. I can't help with your timing question, sorry.
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So happy for you that you both have a healthy boy it just shows it is possible for some women to have a healthy pregnancy after surgery ive heard its best to try for a baby asap as scar tissue and endo can come back within the first year of surgery with some people, I'm feeling much better since my 2nd laparoscopy its been nearly 4 weeks since my operation and My scars have healed quickly now i feel ready to try for a baby now hope I have some good news soon and wish you all the best with trying for your second baby :)
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Hi Wiawsnb, There is an hsg dye test for the uterus I've  heard u are awake with this procedure and everybody's pain with this procedure differs so best to take somebody with you to help you feel relaxed as the more stressed you are the more tense and scared you will be so dont be scared as not everyone has pain hope this helps and good luck :)
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Thank you for all the info,  I wish everyone the best of luck. I've been using this app to track my period for years but never bothered to explore it until now ... luvn it.
Cryann,  I'm pretty sure I've been infertile for sometime now to. In a previous relationship I didn't use any bc for a few years because I lost my insurance mind you we were not trying but still makes me wonder.

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Don't lose hope. My friend is pregnant with her third child. She conceived 3 with only one functioning tube.
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My laparoscopy was on the 13th of August I had light bleeding after the op for 2 days and heavy for 4 days after but I was due my period around that time anyway just waiting to have another period as I don't know when I'm due I'm thinking any day now at least then I can monitor my periods properly. It's great news that your friend has had 2 children and 1 on the way with only 1 tube functioning it gives me hope and others just crossing my fingers I don't get a period :)
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