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Hey everyone my name is Tyesha and i have been ttc for a little over a year. Recently i was diagnosed with endometriosis which helped me understand why i was 20yrs old and having problem getting pregnant. In my head and in my gut i feel terrible like i will never be able to experience the beauty and blessing of child birth and having a child and sharing every moment with them. For a while after trying i began to beat into my head that i just didnt want kids at all but deep down inside i knew that was a lie. Now that i know i might not ever be able to have children i feel guilty for what i said. I know that there are fertility drugs such as clomid iui ivf etc. but the ones that actually work are really expensive. part of me dosent know how to deal i keep saying if its gods will i will be just fine and eventually i will receive one of the best gifts he gives. At the same time i need answers i need to know im not the only one who feels this way. Im truly a fighter and i wont give up if i did i wouldnt be me. Well besides the support and comfort from my husband it would be nice to know im not the only one going through this and that someone else can relate to the way i feel. any comments stories advice or suggestions would be lovely. thanks
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Hi Tyesha. You are not alone. I know how you feel. I was diagnosed with PCOS since I was 18, I dont ovulate on my own. I've been trying to conceive for almost a year. Im on clomid 50mg last 2 months but it didnt make me ovulate. Now Im on clomid 100mg and hoping this one work. Have faith, it will happen. Wish you good luck. :)
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Thank you so much that means alot to me. i still have faith and its hard but i know one day at a time and talking to people who can relate will always help.
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