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Feeling Discouraged

Had two cycles in the last 2 years, this cycle 5 embryos were put in a did not take... RE said to do donor egg! umm 30,000 dollars hmmmm! um after two cycles don't have it! I have enough for maybe two more cycles through insurance. Taking a short break, and saving some $$$ you know co- payments and such. Lately I've been having pain  left ovary, right ovary, so I said let me go to another OBGYN just to get a quick vaginal U/S to see if anything is brewing! BEHOLD! 3 fibroids , one inter uterine, of course! umm growing like a small fetus! smh!! This makes me soo discouraged, and of course, Now i know they are there, I feel them more. But moving on! Has anyone had luck without using a donor egg even though your Doctor recommended it?? And in what ways did you change your diet or im thinking changing RE's not feeling like she was fully with me. "you know the visit where you tell her what she said she was going to do, cause she doesn't remember where you left off???? Comments are needed here!
Thanks and babydust to all!!
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Awww im so sorry to hear this, I pray God blesses you soon with a bundle of joy, ttc can be so cruel at times!
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I would change re's sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help.  You are only 37, that's the same age as when I had baby #3 .  We didn't do ivf but did do a medicated cycle to get her. Unfortunately some drs suggest treatments that are expensive and not necessary so they can get more money.  Why not remove the fibroids?  Those can cause hormone issues and issues with implantation.  Definitely seek another opinion.  Good luck to you.
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Girl GOD is able, We walk by Faith and definately not by sight.
I encourage you to speak life into your womb say in the name of JESUS my womb is blessed and my womb is open. Don't forget to say Thank you to JESUS for blessing your womb and giving you a baby. I know its hard because I am on the same road as you trying to concieve. I know we will get there and have babies but it requires faith. To shrink fibroids you can take diim, and chinese bitters. Fibroids is caused by estrogen dominance. Too much estrogen in the body. Do a detox for the liver, a good one I used was aloe vera dextox. Detoxing the liver helps the liver elimates excess estrogen from the body. Also pray everyday. Read scriptures out loud. Its going to happen. As far as egg quality you can try royal jelly and bee propolis. Also try baby asprin and fish oil for more blood flow to the uterus. GOD gives us wisdom just ask him what you should do. Be bless my sister!!! GOD bless you!!!
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I am sorry you are going through so much. It can get very discouraging at times. Take a breather, get the fibroids taken care of. I would look into other clinics as far as pricing goes. Maybe even a different state that is easy for you to travel to. I spent a fortune over the years ttc. I never did. I do not regret spending what I did. But, you don't want to strap yourselves so tight that you start having issues with your marriage. I don't recall the prices now. But, I'm pretty darn sure you can get a better deal. Has your RE said anything about your egg and embryo quality? Good luck. I hope to see a bfp from you soon.
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thankyou, sorry been working so much , and trying to figure something out GOD bless and thanks
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Thank you my spirit  doubts a lot but i dont mean to thank you so much for your words i really needed them.. GOD bless!

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I have 2 inter uterine fibroids. We did multiple treatments for infertility then we eventually moved to IVF. We did 3 cycles with no success then we changed RE and now have had 2 successes in pregnancies. First resulted in a healthy baby girl (2 1/2 years old) and the second I am currently pregnant with twins due in about a month or less depending when they want to make an appearance.  I would say a second opinion could never hurt, having someone else look at what you have already been through and what they would change could benefit you. I would ask whoever you see about the fibroid and where exactly in your uterus they are. Mine were not small but not overly huge so when they did the implantation the doctor made sure he avoided the areas they were in. (This of course was from my new RE, the first RE didn't even know I had them...)  So it is still possible to have a successful pregnancy with having fibroids you just need to have someone willing to listen to your concerns and aware of your situation. Don't give up just yet! Hope that helps and God Bless!
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