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Fertility issues of no sperm in sperm test

Hi, so depressed now. I had a semen test this week and just got result of no sperm found. I did do regular sauna after gym like two to three times a week. Not sure if that will result in no sperm? And if I stop that, can I recover if that is the reason.

Thank you so much if someone can answer my question. Feel so bad now
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There were zero sperm or were there some that were dead. Did you see a urologist or did a general doctor order the testing?
I would strongly suggest seeing a urologist who will do a repeat semen analysis. He might even look at some of the sample under a microscope while your there and send the rest out to the lab for evaluation. If there are indeed zero sperm, the term is azoospermia. My husband has this diagnosis. Typically a scrotal ultrasound is then recommended. If you are wanting a family in the future, and they see sperm in the ultrasound sometimes they are successful doing a procedure to aspirate them and freeze them. Sometimes the tube that the sperm is supposed to come out of is diverted elsewhere. So if a family is what your worried about DONT WORRY YET!!  If you have any questions I’m happy to help you with what I know from our experience becoming a family. If you rather not talk about something so personal, please feel free to send me a private message.
Lots of luck!
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Hello Belle, Thank you so much for taking your time answering my question while I am definitely depressed for now. My urologist consultation will be next week. So worried about that now. On the report, both concentration and total motile count is 0. viscosity is higher(3) than normal(0-2). It also said no sperm seen and sample contained moderate amount if debris, also needle and syringe used to reduce viscosity. Not sure if regular sauna visit will result in this, and worried if it is reversible or not. feel hopeless now.
I’m so sorry your feeling depressed. Please don’t give up hope.  The consultation with the urologist will be helpful. He might want to have you do some blood work also. My husband went thru all this so I know it’s difficult.  If you need to talk or just vent I’m here to listen and help if I can.
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Hello. I cannot speak fully to this as the issue in our case was low motility which is why we required IVF which was successful. I found an article that may give you some  encouraging info. But of course, the most important thing is that you are getting analysis by your doc. Best wishes. My prayers are with you. https://www.malereproduction.com/male-infertility/causes/
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