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Genetic Counseling

Hi, I've had 2 miscarriages in a row, and the second tissue was found by the results that showed Trisomy 20. I have 2 healthy children with the same father that we've been together as well. And problem is I am 40.

So, the dr. is sending me and dh in for a genetic counseling next Friday, we've never had any experiences with this before. So, I thought I'd come here to post and ask your opinions/experiences what you have gone through before.  What does this have to do with us?  Will they ask for a genetic testing? And what kind of questions are they going to ask?  I'm so curious but nervous because we would like to have at least one more baby, and now having 2 miscarriages that looks like I'm running out of time, due to my age.  What do you think?
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Our experience with the genetic counselor was good.. DH and I had done IVF so she mainly told us what all the PGD (genetic testing) on the embryos would reveal.. she asked basic questions about our age, health issues, family history etc.. and then went over the basics of sperm meets egg... if we had any questions we asked her.. simple.  It was not any big deal at all and we did learn alot about what the PGD was about... luck!
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Jaggie, don't you mind telling me what this caused?  Are you going to try IVF again?  What does this PGD stand for, sorry to question you this? If so, hope you have a better chance the next time.

Bump, anyone else??????????  Please keep this coming and I wanna know more.  LOL
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The PGD is just abbrev. for preimplantation genetic diagnosis.. My PGD showed abnormal chromosomes, which meant the embryos had problems and would probably not even implant or grow or live etc...  You can go to this website I found to learn more of what they test... I highly recommend if you are 40 or over...
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