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HSG results - what does it mean for me?

Hi Ladies

Back from my HSG and my 15min procedure took 45mins. The procedure itself was uncomfortable and the humiliation of having my fanny in the air wasnt the best. The most uncomfortable was the spectulum going in. The dye injecting wasnt too bad. My right tube is fine. My left tube is completely blocked. They tried injecting more dye and getting me to rock to my left but it just wasnt going anywhere. The also gave me a buscopan shot to stop spasms(if any) to see if the dye would move but still nothing. So i guess i only have one tube capable of doing the job.

Any input from others in a similar situation would be much appreciated. I know many women have had babies with one tube but I am not feeling hopeful as the side thats the good side was where my ectopic was last time.

I have my appt with the doc in a week to go through my results but not sure what options they will give me?

Thanks in advance everyone
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I am so sorry about the blocked tube!!   You know it only takes one tube, one egg, to produce one baby, so you defintely have a fighting chance at this.  Does your insurance cover IVF?  If it does, it would seem having IVF would just bybass the blocked tube issue.  

You know you are in my prayers!!  
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I'm exactly in the same situation but my right tube (the one open)does not look very good..so after  3 IUI we went directly to IVF (I'm in the 2WW of #2).
I think you should follow up with your RE,mine did a laparoscopy to remove the blocked tube before going ahead with IVF since its increase the success rates.
keep us posted!
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Hello!  I also have a blocked tube.  I have spoke with people on here that have had success with just one tube so it is possible!  We are in the 2WW from our 2nd IUI so hopefully this time =)  I also have a dominant ovary where the one on the blocked side produces mosf of the follicles... this time we got lucky with one on the open side so hopefully!  =)  They have not done a laparoscopy on me which I think they should to see if it's endo or something but that might be the next step??? OUr insurance doesn't cover any fertility =(  I told my DH that I want to just jump ahead to IVF right away but not sure if we can yet!  good luck with your apt!  
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So sorry about your tube.  The good thing is that you know what the problem is.  You should follow up with your RE.  You may need a lap to unblock your tube depending on how damaged the other one is.  Of course, as Lisa said, IVF is always a possibility.  Let us know what your doc suggests.
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Thanks guys. I am trying my hardest to stay positive. Can they tell how damaged it is from a HSH or they will do a lap anyway?  
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both mine were blocked and i unblocked them. My problem now is there is no way to know if they are functioning normal.
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I'm sorry you're facing this trouble. I also happened to read many posts on the boards where ladies tell they were lucky with 1 tube only. The majority used ivf (As I was reading the posts on the corresponding boards, see). We couldn't cope naturally so applied for a fertility expert's help. Apart from my being old and fat he could find no explanation..I suppose you shouldn't think your remaining tube is no good 'cause of ectopic. There can be many reasons why this happened. The point is that you have that one, a healthy tube. It's capable of producing some good eggs for you. So you're in the game. Just try to catch that one superb egg!! Wishing you all the best of luck in the world. Stay well!
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