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Hcg drop

Just got a call from the nurse that my Hcg level dropped from 3,915 3-days ago to 2,958 today.  MD wants me back in the office to confirm both with bld work and UTZ on Sun.

Just would to know if anyone had encountered the same situation before, and whether the pregnancy has still become viable.  

I'm 5 weeks and 5 days today, but had started spotting the night before with a very slight dark brown to light pink but had bleeding with clots last night and also had experience abd pain/cramping.
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Hi thank you for your prayer...  pls. cont to lift me up in prayer...  'coz i truly need it...
I lost my pregnancy unfortunately, as confirmed last Sat.  But i'm doing fine considering and is keeping the faith & postive attitude with things.

For now, i am continuing to eat healthy and take care of myself.  And will give myself time to heal and recover.

Will keep you posted w/ things...

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Stay positive Lee, I'll say a little prayer for you & embie.
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Hi mamom15 & Anstmommy,

Thank you both for your comments, concern and prayer...  really appreciate it very much...

My hcg of 3915 was last Mon-3/22/10 and today-3/25/10 it dropped to 2958.  I was told by the MD this morning during the UTZ that the sac in my uterus is still there but the size is the same during last Mon UTZ.  So he mentioned that if the level dropped then that will be something to be concerned about.  

It is just so so hard to continue to be positive with the whole thing after what had transpired the past 2-days esp last night.
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I had this happen to me last Aug. I was almost seven weeks pregnant and my levels were above 7000 and I started having sharp pains in my left lower abdomen. I called my Dr. they continued to check my levels. They had started to drop with three ultrasounds and a pelvic exam my Dr. told me that the pregnancy was not viable. I was devistated. In early pregnancy your levels raise very fast they are suppost to at least double every other day. So I'm not sure if it is possible to have a viable pregnancy or not. I was also told at the beggining that some times blood tests vary from test to test so I would get to worried just yet. Keep your head up and try to stay pos I know that is so much easier said than done. But if not then get back healthy and try again. All together I have had over 8 MC and only one preg that took. I feel your pain and I will be praying for you and your baby!!!
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Hi Lee, what day was your HCG level @ 3915 ?  at 17 dpt my HCG was over 3000 and my RE did not feel it necessary to continue with checking my HCG levels
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