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High testosterone levels and trying to conceive with PCOS

Hi all! I went to the doctors not so long ago for hormone level blood tests so that I can be forwarded to the fertility clinic. My results came today but I was told that everything was okay except for my female testosterone levels which were at 1.9 (twice over the normal limit).

I know this is normal for women with PCOS but I was wondering how it might affect my fertility and if anyone has been to a fertility clinic and received help that has led to a successful pregnancy even though they have high female testosterone levels?

I just really need some reassurance that even though I have these high levels that my chances of having a baby aren't damaged too badly!
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Hi I was told I had pocs just over a month ago and been having blood test every week to check my hormone levels and to see if I ovulate.. I to are struggling to conceive and trying every month I'm back having my last blood test Thursday then hopefully the doctor will put me on the right foot ... It's a Stressful time... Hope everything goes well for u in the future good luck
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Hun - I have the same but there are thing fertility specialists can do :-)
There are a few fertility drugs that you can get through the nhs but bmi needs to be 30 or below for most.
They may put you on metformin which will help regulate your periods and that in turn will then put order on your hormones.
Once they have found out whats causing your infertility they may even put you on a drug called clomid which stimulates your folicles that contain the eggs and cause you to ovulate.

  Don't give up hope there may not be a cure for pcos but there is a high success rate for pregnancy in people with pcos xx
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