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How long does it take to concieve after mirena removal.

I had the Mirena put in after my daughter was born Oct 15 08. I had it put in at my six week check up and I had it took out Feb-2-12. I spotted when they first put it in but after that I never had a period. I kinda spotter the day I had it took out but about two weeks after I bleed and had some blood clots for about a week or so. Me and my husband had sex about a week ago or so. I started bleeding on 3-24-12 it was a little heavy but by the end of 3-25-12 it stopped. Today when I went to the bathroom and whiped it was like a brown slimmy mucas. I have took two pregnantice test and both where negative. I have been wanting fruit and have had a little nausea not that bad which with my other kids I really didn't have nausea. Could I be pregnant and how long do I need to wait to take another test.
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Thank you. I am going to wait till the end of next month to see if I have another period and if not I will test then. I will keep you updated. Good luck hope you have a positive test.
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I had my mirena removed on Feb.14, 2012.  This is my first month of TTC.  I am having some promising symptoms and should be able to check in 2 days if I got the BFP or BFN.  I believe that every woman is going to be different.  I would suggest you purchase OPK's and start tracking your CM, AF, and cervix.  This will give you a better chance at concieving sooner if you know exactly when you ovulate and also what to expect with any future cycles.  

Keep me posted and I will let you know what my testing shows!!!  Good luck to you!
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