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Hsg test affect ovulation

I tend to ovulate cycle day 11. I got a hsg test done cycle day 8 and today is 10 and I got a positive opk for Lh, day one as I’m using a monitor. We have not bd this cycle yet as I went back to work and was shattered firstly test on Friday I ended up in a lot of pain and discomfort, was still uncomfortable yesterday but not too bad. Hoping too from today. If we don’t we will miss. I start testing from cycle day 6, 6 was low, 7 and 8 were high and 9 was peak day one but af started Friday but monitor for some reason picked up day one from Saturday do I calculate day forward.
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This is the dye test, correct?  I had two friends that got pregnant directly following that test!  It cleared their tubes apparently a it when the die was shot through.  I'm sorry you have such discomfort though  but the test is well worth having and very well could help you get pregnant in the short or long run!  I'd try to have intercourse when it's timed right to conceive.  I have a difficult time with ovulation monitors.  Are you using strips or the monitor you put a strip into?
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