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i was diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx in 2010 and i was so worried, before that i have been ttc in 2008, 2009 and 2010. in Dec 2010 surprisingly enough i conceived my baby gal naturally until full term without no complications, no spotting and no nothing worrisome, it was the most enjoyful pregnancy ever, i never vomited, no morning sickness, not moooooooddddy and yes i had a great time carrying my little gal, she was born september 2011. i am currently 26 y/o and we want baby number two, i havent started trying yet but i rly need someone who experienced Hydrosalpinx and conceived naturally. im afraid the tubes could be blocked again and i will have to go thru that ttc stress again. anyone out there to help or advice????
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am now 4 weeks pregnant...no medical assistance, no test, just naturally!!!

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Hydrosalpinx result from injury to the tube, usually from an infection. The common  causes of hydrosalpinx are chlamydia and gonorrhea, IUDs, endometriosis, and abdominal surgery .The tubal fluid usually is sterile, and does not contain an active infection. A hydrosalpinx causes infertility since the fluid provides an unfavorable environment and it can reduce the success rate of fertility treatment.
With history of hydrosalpinx previously, complications like blocked are a possibility. Hence if you want to avoid ttc stress, you should consult your gynecologist beforehand. Testing of the fallopian tubes either with the help of hystero-salpingography, ultrasound or laparoscopy will help diagnose any problem. A pelvic scan provides a quick and painless screen of the pelvic organs and is very useful as a first assessment of the tubes .
Hydrosalpinx has a high recurrence rate. After surgery, the chances of conceiving are good in younger women with relatively healthy ovaries and eggs. The removal of a damaged tube reduces the risk of complications of therapy and can enhance success rates with in vitro fertilization techniques.
It is best to consult an infertility expert and get evaluated. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. I sincerely hope it helps. Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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