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I am so confused??

I dont even know where to start. I want to use my own eggs but dont know how successful that would be, as I have no periods sinice March 08 except with Provera january 2010. Mind you doctors have no explanation other than high FSH, stated I m a bit of an inigma.. Nice huh? Was wondering when doing own egg retrieval, what are approxiamte costs involved?? Success rate at 39-40 yrs old..
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Dont do IVF with high FSH!!!! Try acupuncture. It will low your FSH levels. I'm doing it right now and it is working. My FSH levels are also high.
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Thank you! I am taking chast berry, wheat grass and am feeling much better. I dont know how its affected my FSH yet. Still no periods but I will be going to doc in a couple weeks to check again. I have been contemplating acupuncture also. Thanks for the support. Best wishes to you as well.
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