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I think it's pretty safe to say I can get excited now!!

And I think I just might be able to break my POAS habit!  Well.... maybe just every couple of days instead of twice a day!  haha

So my first beta on Thurs at 14 dpo was a 46, so I was hoping for at least 150-180's so that it doubled every 48-72 hours, since my second test was four days later.  It was a 306!!!  WOOHOOOOO!!!  And my progesterone was a 20 last Thurs, but I'd only been on the suppositories for 2 days at that point.  Yesterday's test had my progesterone at 50!!!  

I just feel like I'm not even as excited as I thought I'd be, because everybody kept telling me "don't get too excited yet"  And it was really a bummer because my sisters and 2 close friends I told really didn't get excited at all at first.  Today my friends were more excited, but my sisters are still clearly very pessimistic.  Screw em.  They were the ones telling me to have the hysterectomy.  WHEN (not IF) this baby is born I'm gonna shove it in all their faces and say "SEE THIS?  THIS is what hope and not giving up on your dreams looks like!!!"  

So I go again next week for a follow-up test, and then a week later for the u/s to make sure it's in my uterus.  I'm feeling a little better about his comment on my high risk for an ectopic too.  From everything I've read, yes, previous surgeries and endo can increase your risk, but most of them say if you've had surgeries related to your tubes.  Mine are fine and all clear!  I've had 3 HSG's - most recently when I had the drilling on July 1st which wasn't that long ago - and never had a problem.  So we're hoping for the best!
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Yayyy!!! Congrats girl! I knew everything would work out for you! And YES, you are exactly right! WHEN this baby is born, definately shove that in their face! Your hard work and determination for a child definately paid off! You are very blessed! :) Congrats again!!!!
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awesome - congrats! so you get to "come out" officially at christmastime (if you can wait that long!) and announce to your lovely MIL, yes, give her a grandma gift for Christmas!
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I *love* your positive attitude!


I'm very happy for you!!!
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I am so happy for you!  I've been checking in all day to see what your numbers were going to be.  YAY for the sticky little bean and for not giving up!

If you could see fit, at some time, I would love for you to post your success story in my group - Baby Buddies - TTC and Pregnancy after a Loss.  They would just love to hear an uplifting story like yours with such fantastic news!
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OMG!!!!!!  I am so very excited for you.  Congrats!!!!  Have a safe and happy 9 months!
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That's AWESOME!!! Sooooo happy for you!

Heather :-)
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yeeeeeee - haaaaaa :)
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So excited for you!!  I have been checking all day to see your numbers.  I am so happy that they went up so far.  Congratulations and enjoy your next 9 months.
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Congrats and always stay positive. Good luck..
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Congrats - I hope you have a happy 9 months!!!  Enjoy!
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Congrats!!!! that is sooooo exciting. Have a happy non months and enjoy every moment
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I'm so very happy for you!! Keep up the positive attitude!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!:)
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I'm so happy for you! Congrats & best wishes :-)
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Congratulations!  I am so glad to hear that your number got much higher!  Thanks for your message and congrats:)  We will be pregnant together!!  My ultrasound is Tuesday evening.  I guess it is early since my HCG levels is high but I can't wait to find out how many I am carrying.  I wish you the best and keep me updated!
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THANK GOD!!!!! I have been holding my breath since I checked yesterday and you hadn't posted yet. I have breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and am thrilled beyond words!!!!! This is sooooooo terrific!!! AND the old fashioned way, woooo hoooo!!!  I knew it would happen eventually for you. It has been a long road for you Amy. I know you aren't out of the woods yet. But, you are one step closer to getting out. I am going to keep praying every day for you until that baby is safe in your arms. ((((((bf hugs)))))
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That is just fantastic news. I am so happy for you and this well deserved BFP.
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Congrats!  I am so happy to hear how much the numbers have increased...you have every right to be excited and don't let anyone's comments or attitude get to you...you deserve to be happy and enjoy a healthy nine months finally!
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thats fabulous news
im so happy for u
ur positve attitude helps too
after 15yrs of tryin
and my tubes removed
and our 2nd attempt at icsi
we are10wks pregnant with identical twins
u never give up hope
congrats care
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CONGRATS! Enjoy every minute of it. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.
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