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I want to know why i failed!!!!!!!!!

I wish there is more science improvement, more advancements in IVF technology, to find out accurate reasons for the failures / chemical pregnancies / miscarriages.

Also wish, there is more advanced IVF technology, where every attempts ends at a successful live birth.

My IVF failed with chemical pregnancy. In follow-up, RE says "i am not too sure why it failed. I dont suggest to go for donor egg now as we just did one attempt. Let us do one more."

Its like baking a cake, failed first time, try again might fail might work.

If second IVF fails, RE might say bad eggs and might ask me to go for donor. I hate this analysis. RE is making predications and assumptions. He does not test me or run some tests on me to drill down to the right reason.

As a patient going through complex process called in-vitro, i deserve to know why i failed. else its a big black hole where i blame myself, i feel guilty for wearing tight pants to eating out to not resting enough.

I want the exact reason why i miscarried. Can someone out there in IVF business help me with it ever???????

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I'm sorry you are going through this. It is very frustrating to have a failure and walk away with no answers.
I notice you are in Chicago. Can I ask what clinic you are going to? I went through Chicago IVF and they were fabulous. I've had many set backs myself. Please do not give up. It takes a strong spirit to go through IVF. It's hard and no one really understands unless they have been through it. Feel free to read my journey on my page and message me with any questions or if you just want to chat.

It's not your fault that you miscarried! Please know that and keep looking ahead. After the rain...there's always sunshine!

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hi, ive experienced same thing,  Ive had IVF, BFN.   Then FET, miscarried at 5 weeks.. the baby just stopped growing... =(  my doctor said it should have been the lining of my uterus but i wasnt convinced coz he's been checking on that through out the process.  the doctor had been giving me injections and suppositories and oral medication for the lining so i dont know what really went wrong.... =(
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Hey Jennifer, thank you for the kind words, i go to advanced fertility centre of chicago. they seem good too. but not after it failed.

fhizon - wish it works next time for us. good luck.
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