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IUI success rate

Hello Ladies I have feeling that it's going to come to IUI for hubby & I to get pregnant, so I was wondering  what the success rate is??  Have any of you heard of a successful pregnancy after 1 IUI??  

As far as I know there are no issues with me but my hubby had a really low sperm count.  We see a urologist at the end of next month (Nov).  

If anyone has any suggestions to help it would be appreciated!

Thanks ladies!
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there is about a 25% chance to get pregnant with each attempt.  So yes, it may occur in the first attempt.

I got pregnant on my second IUI, but lost it.  Got pregnant again after the 4th IUI and again lost it.  Am 4 months pregnant now after the 6th IUI, and looks like this one is just fine.

I would say if all is timed right (and assuming hubby does ok) you should be successful within 4 or so tries.
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ok, for me and dh we got prego 1st iui- lost it at 10 wks, 2nd iui didnt work, 3rd iui got prgo and lost it at 6 wks, 4th iui didnt work. my re/dr said that ever 1/4 works. we are abouve the curve. one of his nurses got prego on her 4th iui and has a 10 yr old now. I know of several other women that this has worked for. Gl.
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Thank you very much Ladies I really appreciate your answers!!
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hi!!! well my doct told me usually 4-6 tries.... i just did my 5th IUI this week..  sperm count was 22 million which has been the highest so far... fingers crossed and good luck to u!
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I think they say give it 6 tries for success but it really depends on your age and situation and also hubby's sperm. If he has a low count, it could take longer... but really at the end of the day, it's all a crap shoot.  IUI definitely will increase your chances vs trying naturally tho especially if you're using medication to grow more than 1 follicle.  good luck!
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Thanks so much for the reply!
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