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IVF : Did your doctor check estrogen levels during TWW?

I have gone through 2 failed rounds of Natural IVF where they don't give me any drugs and take my one naturally ovulated egg.  Both times it produced an 8 cell grade 1 embryo.  They transferred on day 3.  They said they completely aspirate out the corpus luteum when they take the egg so the embryo is completely dependent on the hormones they give me after transfer (2mg of estrogen twice/day and progesterone twice/day) My estrogen was 244 the second round transfer day. The second round I asked my clinic if they could monitor my bloodwork a few times during the tww just to make sure my hormone levels are not what caused the first round to fail.  They begrudgingly gave me an order for 9 days after the d3 transfer.  My estrogen had dropped to a 96 by that day.  A nurse from my clinic called me in a panic and told me to increase my estrogen dose to 3 times day.  

I'm pretty sure based on my symptoms I started to get pregnant and then I had a lot of cramping day 8 & 9 post d3 transfer....after that pregnancy symptoms were gone.  After my confirmed fail, I asked the doctor if my estrogen levels were low.

Doctor:  "Oral estrogen levels are not reflected in the blood"..."its not like suppositories or patches"...."your estrogen level was higher than 96 since you are taking it orally"...and your level was 244 the day of transfer"..... "its not possible you didn't have enough estrogen"

Me: Why then did the doctor on-call increase my estrogen dose in a panic after receiving my 96 result?"  

Doctor's response:  "they probably just wanted to make you feel like they were doing something"....??? Then he blamed my eggs.  

Maybe it is my eggs, but his answer doesn't sit well with me and I'm starting to question the RE.  Is he being dishonest?

Did you doctor monitor your blood levels any during the tww?
Does anyone know what is the desired estrogen level to achieve pregnancy during the tww?

Its probably worth mentioning that up until I lost both my fallopian tubes I did not have any trouble getting pregnant or carrying a baby.  But being dependent on synthetic hormones is totally new for me.
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Good questions.   Is your doctor talking about xenoestrogens?  Those don't show up but do think that regular estrogen supplements probably do.  ??  It appears that it isn't this doctors practice to check hormone levels but . . .   I'm also sure that some do.

This article may be helpful for you https://www.webmd.com/infertility-and-reproduction/news/20030210/estrogen-affects-fertility-window.  It's a balance and one your doctor would be wise to pay attention to it seems.

I would imagine you are very unhappy about this.  Do you have to continue with this doctor or can you work with someone else from now on?
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