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IVF transfer in November...

Hi ladies, is anyone doing an IVF transfer in November. My estimated date for my transfer is November 3rd-5th, looking for buddies to go through the two week wait with.
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Mine will be around 11/19-20.  
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Mine will be around 11/10 11-12.... This will be our 3rd Fresh cycle
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babywanted556,  Lyssa8288-
Good luck to all of us and tons of baby dust too!!! I will be almost out of my TTW when you will begining yours:)
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Best of luck to all three of you!


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Did my transfer on Nov. 7th and transferred 2 day 6 embies. I am presently 2dpt and officially in the terrible TWW. Not feeling anything different. I have a little cramping and that's it. This is so different from my last failed transfer. Last time I had alot of cramping, sometimes they would wake me up at night...well I guess each time is different and plus like I said, that was a failed cycle.
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Good luck, i wish you lots of patience...and ofcourse a whole lot of BABY DUST!!!!!
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Hi there I just had my 5th transfer on the 5/11/09, this was my first day 5 transfer and was a FET. I have been on prog presaries for 13 days and it has been 14 days since my 5000iui trigger injection. I feel like my period is about to start so took a test last night and it cam up BFP!!! I then did another one a differant brand later last night and agai BFP this is the first time I have ever seen a BFP!! I still do not believe it and will not let myself get excited till my blood test on Monday. I did another test mid morning today and again BFP! I really feel like I am in a dream or something I just will not believe it till Monday when they call with my results... I have done this so many times and never ever had a positive!! How are you going? Sending you lots of baby dust xx
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Wow! I know you must be so happy. I wish you a blessed and healthy nine months. Congratulations. I am now 5dpt. I am waiting until Monday to do a HPT, I should be about 9dpt then.
(did you mean to say you did your transfer on Nov. 5ht?)

:) tons of baby dust to you!
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Change of plans for us...we are doing our third IVF...we have done 2 Frest cycles..both BFN we are doing a FET on 12/10...i cant wait but i'm soo nervous i hope for the best!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to you Wakey and mybabypooh! Please keep us updated !
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Good luck these next couple days.  I had my 5day FET on 11/12.  This 2WW is brutal.  I will have my blood test on Monday, 11/23.   Ugh, I think I'll go clean out a closet or something!
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Yes... that TWW is something else. My blood test is tomorrow and I can't wait to get it over with. Good luck to you and tons of sticky baby dust your way!!
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this is my 2nd IVF Cycle and first time fresh blast transfer ----  i have my 1 Blast transfer last tuesday nov.17... but doctor said there is a chance of OHSS by next week if the pregnancy kick in... i am ok being sick if that would mean i will be pregnant... c".)

now being impatient for the 2WW...

Good Luck everyone and GOD Bless Us all....
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I'll have ET tomorrow.  Good luck to every one
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any news yet c".)

my OHSS seems to be all gone now... but now a little anxious if my embie is still sticking in there...

GOD please give me all the spirit to keep calm...

Good Luck to everyone c".)
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Hi ladies, I got my beta today and it was 433!!! Next beta is on Mon. Nov. 23;-)

Good luck to everyone in the TWW. Sending tons and tons of sticky baby dust to us all!!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS Mybabypooh:) :) Im very happy for you guys!!!!
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Hope I will be pregnant as well by next week c".)

--- the nurse at the fertility clinic called me this afternoon because i had blood tests taken for my OHSS issue this morning --- and said i am not pregnant!!!

--- i am a bit saddened but told her, it will not show yet as i just have my transfer last Tuesday Nov. 17 --- she apologized to me ---

but now i can keep it out of my mind... as i already been very anxious with the 2ww... huhuhu
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been stubborn today and did 2 hpt --- the 1st one in the morning has a light pink line --- then a much pinker line on the afternoon --- have now high hopes that i will get BFP tomorrow on my beta test...

Dear GOD please let me be really pregnant.

wondering hows mybabypooh doing on her second beta???

any other here on their 2ww and got their results already?
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That is how I felt when I took my HPT and saw a faint line. If you see a line, you are most likely pregnant! So congratulations!
My second bets was 2142, ultrasound is scheduled for Dec 4th.
Let me know what your beta count is tomorrow;-)
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Wow your Beta is skyrocketing!  Wonder if there is any chance of multiples in there??  I actually had my 1st transfer on 11/3 and found out on the 12th that it worked!  My first ultrasound was on Monday and to my surprise my doctor found a second sac in there!  It's smaller then the first one which couldbe a concern but the fetal pole is measuring right where it should so we'll have to wait and see what happens.  But I am thrilled that both fetal poles are measuring where they should be!
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Wow!!! Twins!! Congratulations!!! I would truely love that. I can't wait for my ultrasound. What was you first  and second beta? I am curious to know...were they high like mine?
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I have a very HAPPY afternoon!!!

My Beta came in and i was so happy, nurse said i am very much pregnant at Beta 217.
She said it is a very good number for our baby (we had 1 embryo transferred last Nov.17, 2009.)

Yupee!!!! Vey Happy!!!

We are thanking GOD for this blessing!!!

Sticky Dust to everyone else waiting....
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Congratulation.....I could not wait mine on 12.1.  How could I survive thru the ThanksGiving......
I don't have much symptoms, how about you ladies?
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4 days to go... sticky baby dust to you c",)

syptoms??? i noticed i am now sensitive on smells like food, people, perfume... anything... and there is like a little pain (as if something is pinching) my right ovary???

... and since 2 days ago i am not able to finish my meal... each time... i have to come back for it to have a decent meal.
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