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If I ovulated then...

SO last month I did clomid round 1 50mg days 4-8, doctor recommended 5-9 but I was impatient lol. I did ovulate yay! (progesterone level 17) but no pregnancy. I am not sure what day I ovulated on since I only had about 7 opk tests and all of them were negative cd 10-17. According to BMT it was CD 15-16? So my question is should I do days 4-8 again for my second round? I will be on 100 mg this time and I want to ovulate earlier in my cycle then cd 17 or later.

so 4-8 or 3-7?

I am afraid of m/c but I hear that is usually not because of taking clomid 3-7 but for other reasons.
also preseed? Y/N what do you ladies think?
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I was on 100 mg days 5-9 as well and all 3 months I took Clomid it made me ovulate late.  I'm usually on cd 16 or 17 and it made me ovulate days 20 or 21, so just keep in mine that clomid CAN make you ovulate later, no matter what days you take it on.  I was also using opk's and temping.  Good luck with it!! :)
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I took my clomid CD3-7 but that is what my dr told me for the days.  As soon as I was done with the pills my DH and I just made sure to bd every other day until CD24. My drs orders were every other day from CD 12-21 as a minimum.  He must have know what he was doing because I'm just over 12 wks now.   Good luck! lots of baby dust  
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I have always taken clomid on days 5 - 9. As for when you ovulate, that varies each month. I usually ovulate day 15 - 16 but sometimes it's earlier sometimes it's way later like day 20. Are you tracking your temperature? If not then you might want to start. It too is a good indicator as to when you are going to ovulate. Good luck!
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