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Implantation Bleeding?

How many of you have had it, and what was it like?
I have no cramping right now, but have brown discharge, no red blood.
Any thoughts?
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I have never had it, but from what i have heard, it is usally brownish.  That is a super good sign!!!!!  How exciting?  How long are you going to hold off before testing?

I'm at 12dpo today and never should have tested.  Seeing a BFN is not fun!
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Hey Gigi,

I think I'm about 15 dpo... I tested too early too, starting at day 10, did day 13... It's been 2 days now.

It's all brown for me, and still no red.  No cramps yet. Still keeping hope, but if not, then I start a new cycle and the doctor is going to be monitoring me a lot more closely this time! I hope that will help.

Fingers crossed.. baby dust to you, hope we both get a BFP SOON SOON SOON!!
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This is our 3rd pregnancy but my first with implantation bleeding. I had it at 7dpo, and it was redish/dark brown and it lasted for a couple hours. I tested 2 days later at 9dpo and it was positive, but I also took an hcg trigger shot so I didn't get my hopes too high! So I waited again until 13dpo, and it was a true positive! :) Good luck!!!
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Too bad it continued all day long.... and AF is here to stay!! I am in so much pain. I can't remember having a period this painful in a long time!! At least now I will call my doctor tomorrow and I have a fresh start.  She is going to be monitoring me a lot more closely this month.  

Thanks for all the positive vibes ladies!!
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Aww, sorry about AF! :( I'm glad you're already looking forward to this next cycle though!! Good luck and that's awesome that you'll be monitered much more closely this time! :)
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I had it! I thought it was something people made up or got wrong. But 2 days before my scheduled beta test for our last ivf cycle I got a small spot of red blood when I went to the bathroom. I thought for sure AF was here, but i'm now 17 weeks pregnant with a little girl! So it can happen!

Sorry to hear AF came. Good Luck next month!!!
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