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Implantation bleeding?

Has anyone experienced implantation bleeding? I started spotting light brown, slight pink about 10-12 days before my period was due. This never happens, and I’m wondering whether this might be implantation bleeding?
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Are you trying to conceive? So, I read about implantation bleeding and so therefore, know it can happen.  However, it never happened to me or any or my friends.  My understanding is that it is just a bit, tiny bit of blood.  Light brown spotting typically is old blood and more like hormonal spotting than implantation.  However, it is really hard to say what is going on. And some women do spot or even have bleeding in early pregnancy as their hormones shift due to conception.  If you think you might be pregnant, I'd get an early response pregnancy test that gives you a result 4 days  before your period is due.  They are pretty awesome at early detection.  That's the best way to know.  Symptoms for this are so unreliable in terms of accurately knowing what is going on because other things can cause the symptoms too.  
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My husband and I aren’t trying and we aren’t not trying. Just seeing what happens (although every time AF comes I’m always disappointed!). It was just a very tiny amount and it was more like old blood, like what would happen sometimes at the end of my period. Who knows, I guess only time will tell! I’ll take a test in a few days!
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