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Important to read if you take Crinone 8%

I wanted to give other readers necessary information about Crinone that is not listed.  I recently did IVF in June and am now 7 weeks pregnant.  I have been taking crinone 8% now for the last 4 weeks twice a day.  My nurse did tell me that sometimes crinone causes bleeding however, she failed to tell me that you can also have a build up of the crinone inside your cervix area.  I had some bleeding on the 7th week of my pregnancy and rushed to ER the dr did a vaginal exam only to find 1/2 cup full of crinone build up.  I should have known better because i had odd smell which i had attributed to the crinone but had no idea that this gunk was buidling up inside of me.  The dr removed all of the crinone and i was told to rest for 4-5 days and to just take the rectal suppositories for 48 hours or until bleeding stopped.  I go back for another exam in three days.  I was lucky my cervix was still closed and my baby is doing fine heart beat is strong and right size for 7 weeks.  

I wish someone had told me this i could've had this gunk removed weeks ago, so if you are using crinone please have your dr check you to make sure there is no build up when you go for your scans.

I had no idea this would happen as i thought the cream eventually disolved in your body or was expelled.  looks like its not all as i had thought.

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i took crinone after my ET and until i was 8 weeks pregnant.
i had no bleeding or buildup or any kind.....
so i guess it can go either way...
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Yeah, I noticed the stuff too, but it usually came out during the day as I was moving around so never built up like that until I had to take the next dosage.
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I was also on crinone, and yes, it definitely causes buildup. I was told by my RE to use a finger and gently remove it every 2-3 days or so.
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i asked a question on here about bleeding with this medicine and didn't get too much of a response.  i hate that it happened to you, but i am glad to know i'm not the only one that had the same problem.
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Wish my dr or nurses would have told me about the possible build up.  I suggested to all their staff that they let the patients know that there could be a possibility of build up with this product and how to remove so they dont have any future cases like mine.
It was a pretty horrific experience, if i had been told about possible build up it could have saved a $800.00 trip to ER.

I guess for some people its different, for some reason my body doesnt dissolve this product i have been taken off it completely.  My baby is doing fine however i now have a blood clot.  Luckily its not near baby so i am positive things will be ok.  Good luck to all of you.  Sending baby dust your way..
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I am the same as urself and didn't know what to do about it. But after reading ur comment and others I took matters onto my own finger and pulled it out, I was gettin so sore down below and big white chucky bits were just sitting there. I feel better already after scraping some of it out. No doctor told me that could happen, they just send you home with the gel!!! Thanks for the info at least now I know am not on my own.
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Sorry no one told you ahead of time. I had two friends and my RE warn me when I started and just suggested to gently remove with my finger each day when I showered. It was easy to do and I never had an issues. Your post will surely be helpful to others in the future!
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Did anyone have bloating and pressure in the back passage whilst using Crinone, and constipation?  I'm only on day 2 of using it and I'm so bloated.
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i'm sorry to sound kinda gross but what color was the build up when it finally came out. I believe i am experiencing the same thing but it goes in white and seems to come out greyish/brown
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I start using crinone after the ER, now Its day 13 of using this gel. Just yesterday i found a big chunk of crinone came out and in very light brown color. It came out today too but less. As im on the 2WW and i ve no sympton of pregnancy sign, im freaking out that this is the sign of BFN again.
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Thanks so much! I have PCOS and just got pregnant for the first time. I have been a little nervous since hoping everything is going ok. The dr did put me on the gel immediately though in order to make sure, so I will be checking and cleaning daily to ensure everything is well. So glad I found this!
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Thank u for the message on crinone, as am starting in 3days time and abit nervous, bt with dis information to hand, I'll b on d look out
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I did speak to my nurse about this and she was against me cleaning it up.She said its important that the gel builds up and the body will naturally extract it when necessary and was completely against putting my fingers in to do anything.
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I have only been using Crinone for 3 weeks, but I discovered the buildup when DH and I were having sex!!!! Worst. Way. To. Find. Out. Now I'm here go Googling to figure out what is going on!! Wish my doctor would have told me!!!
PS. It was black and white. SO Disgusting!!!
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