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In need of some guidance...

I embarked on becoming a surrogate mother and had a 5 day blastocyte transfer on july 28 2012 and had transferred 1 A quality and 1A/B quality embryo.

Because of my anxiousness to know, I stupidly took a HPT. The first two (same brand) had slight faint lines and I was thrilled though I have to wait for a blood confirmation to tell my couple. Then last night and this morning being day 5 and 6, I took two more different brands including a digital and they both resulted in negatives.

I feel so incredibly sad, as this is my couples last hope to have their own child and an do incredibly sad that I may have to tell them that it didn't work this time. I have read other blogs and forums where someone posts the informative 3 and 5 day transfers, very helpful... But now it's making me think that there is no possible way I am now. Anyone have any advice to give? I would greatly appreciate it! :)
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I would say wait on a blood test for it to confirm that your not before you tell them it didnt work
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Yea I would just wait, otherwise you will have them wondering as well :( I'm sorry you have to go through this (the wait), waiting is ALWAYS the worst
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I think you still may be abit too early, I know some test positive early but alot dont so try and wait it out abit longer, also digital tests arnt as sensitive as regular tests you need alot more hcg in your wee for them to be positive so dont let that worry you, if you do decide to do a hpt again, make sure you use first morning wee as well, if the bneg you got last night was from a normal test, your still very early and alot of the time they show neg beacuse your wee isnt as concentrated as it is in the morning, good luck and dont give up yet!
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Thank you all so much for the encouragement! I may try one more on day 10 as difficult as that is and then wait out for this forever away blood test! Thank you again :)
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Hi krystlesue,

I am also a gestational carrier for another couple. I have not taken a hpt test. I just wait until the blood work is done. When is your blood work scheduled for? I had 2 embryos transfered July 16th. It would be nice to have someone share this experience with. Wishing you peace and calmity. The 2ww is horible!

It would be nice to chat with you some more.

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