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In vitro Fertilization and methods that have best results for conception

Can anyone please enlighten me. Different jurisdictions operate differently in terms of what can be allowed in the process of In vitro fertilization. E.g some places allow for a transfer of up to five days. In short, I wish to know what differences in In Vitro Fertilization procedure increase chances of conception? Are there any jurisdictions that have proven to be more successful in getting couple to conceive via IVF? Any thoughts or info on these issues are very much appreciated. Thanks.
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The difference between 3-day and 5-day transfers is that with 5-day transfers you have a better idea of the quality of the embryos, so it's easier to pick the stronger ones. Another thing that can help is ICSI, especially if you have male-factor infertility. That's when they inject each egg with a sperm, instead of letting the sperm penetrate the eggs themselves. And lastly, fertility clinics have different success rates, so the place you go can technically impact the results, too. Although there are different definitions on what is considered a successful IVF (there is a difference, for example, on the number of pregnancies achieved vs. the number of live births following IVF), so it's sometimes hard to compare different clinics.

But the biggest factor is probably how well you respond to the meds, and how well your embryos do, which in part is affected by your age, lifestyle and health.

Best of luck with everything!
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Great answer Heather couldnt have put it better myself!!
Just about the success rate thing like heather said diff clinics have different sucess rates i was thrilled when i heard the one im at had a success rate of 70% then to find out only 35% were live births so make sure you ask for both statistics!!

Good luck with whatever method you decide!!
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I agree 100% with Heather and Amy!
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