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Increase sperm count

Is there anything that can be done to increase sperm count.
We have one child but the fertility doctor says DH counts are very low.
Should I take him to a urologist?
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Yes absolutely get him a consult for a urologist, they know their s*it!
Tell hubby no hot tubs, no hot baths, no tight underwear, stop smoking (if he does), decrease alcohol intake to no more than 2 oz twice a week, (if he drinks), increase healthy foods, decease coffee intake to 1-2 cups a day, exercise moderately, try fertile aid for men & count boost, or/& vit C 500mg a day it helps protect sperm against free radicles damage, it also guards sperm from oxidative damage, It can also increase the quality of sperm (in smokers) & reduces sperm aggulation (sperm sticking together).  Vit E 100IUS/day it's an important antioxidant, and can "mop up" free radicle that damage sperm, Selenium 200 mcgs/day can increase sperm motility, & a multi vit containing zinc 20mg/day Zinc can increase sperm production, & Folic Acid 1mg acts as an antioxidant.

Good luck I hope this helps, happy baby making!
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my DH went to a urologist, his whole SA was off- lower count, low morphology and motility...after 3 months of clomid...the nurse told me today with his motility being 96 or 98% (cant remember which one) "look whos trying to show off now! his county doubled per ml...so take him to the urologist!
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Hi Honey,

My husband is seeing a urologist because he has prostate cancer.  We have tried everything under the sun and moon.  Our sperm was coming back low, then dead.  We are not sure what worked.  But he did give up everything except for the coffee and the sweets...

He'll be giving that up next....

We also tried this Chinese herb called "Wu Zi Yan Zhong Pian". Look it up.  I can't swear by it but our little boys are swimming again...

Remember, never give up. You survived over 100,000 other sperms to get here...

You are in my prayers,

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