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Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Hi there
I have been having an irregular menstrual cycle since my period started. Sometimes I can go as far as over a year without my periods. I am on my periods now and ts been months since.

I went to see a doctor. She ran tests and found there was nothing wrong with me but I am still not at ease. I feel so abnormal. This happens with my siblings as well. None of us hav3 kids.
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It's hard to have kids when you have irregular periods because you never know when you ovulate. If your not having periods every month you're not ovulating.
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Hi ther. Thank you very much for your response. Is there anything you would recommend? I am not planning on having kids but this worries me.
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If your doctor doesn't see anything wrong then there's no need to worry.
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your dr sees nothing wrong with going a year between cycles?  I'm sorry but I'd be asking for another opinion. my dr won't let me go 35 days without inducing a cycle.  ask to see a fertility specailist. maybe there is just something that your regular dr didn't notice

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