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I had a tubal ligation done when I was 27 I am 31 now and up until a couple months ago I didn't cramp when I ovulated or had discharge I had abnormal bleeding in February 2018 for 2weeks and after that I've been feeling when I ovulate and have the white discharge I ovulated over a week ago and now I'm cramping and having white discharge the last few days it's odorless and I don't itch or burn I read that your tubes can grow back together and that the white discharge can be a sign of early pregnancy just wondering if it may be possible I could be pregnant or if I'm overthinking things I have been more tired and kind of nauseated and just feel a little different so just thought I'd ask for advice on what it may could be since I can't take a pregnancy test yet it's 6 days until my period and don't know if it helps with your answer but yes I had sex with in my ovulating window
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While it is not supposed to happen and isn't common, some women do end up conceiving after tubal ligation. Depending on how you have it, if you had clamps, they could have come undone.  Or if they severed your tubes, they could have formed scar tissue that made a tube of sorts that sperm can get through.  The unfortunate thing is that pregnancy after tubal ligation has a really high rate of  being ectopic of a tubal pregnancy. Which is not viable and can be life threatening to the mother.  So, if you suspect pregnancy, you should definitely take a test and/ or be seen.  They can also help you if you are having irregular bleeding/menstruation so it is probably time to see a doctor to discuss this.  Let me know what happens, okay?
Not really i know all that i seen my doc about the bleeding she didnt seem concerned so didnt do any test but the rest i know of i been reading up on it my doc appt the soonest she had is the 23rd so was trying to see but i come to the conclusion i just have to wait and see if i miss my period then take a test if so its just the waiting thats stressful nerve-wrecking thank you tho just wasnt sure if someone knows how the tubes growing back thing worked
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