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Is this too high of a BETA number?

Just got the call from the nurse. BETA came in at 629 with a P4 level of 33.5!!! LMP was 8/25 then i had light pink/brown spotting on 10/26 for 5 days and being so irregular, nurse is estimating me to be around 4.5 to 5 weeks along based on the HCG level. Is this number too high seeing I'm still early?? This doesn't really determine whether it is a single/twins??

I guess i am freaking out a bit because with my first son which I conceived through follistim and ovidrel my beta at 14DPO was 116.
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No, that number seems fine for around 18-21dpo, which would be 4.5 to 5 weeks.  If your beta at 14dpo with your first child was 116, it would have been around 600 at 18dpo, and about 1200 or more at 20dpo.  

Beta numbers generally can't tell you if it's twins or not, only an ultrasound can tell that.

Good Luck!
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seems like a good number.  mine with twins 14dpo was 1345
pregs now and number was 395, still a great number,
I also know a lady on here whos number was 200 @ 14dpo and she had twins.
So i guess numbers vary soooo much, a healthy start Im told by nurse is 50+
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I'm having twins, 16dpo my hcg level was in the 600s and my progesterone was 72. But like tes645 said, the numbers vary and can't really tell you. Good luck! :)
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Thanks ladies!  Twins don't run in either side of the family so i think i am safe.

Prenatal u/s is booked for Wed 12/19. Praying all goes well.
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