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Hello Ladies!

I start this thread to bring all of us into one forum to share our updates, thoughts, experiences and what not! My IVF scheduled for ER on 8/5 and ET around 8/10. Meds on the way to start lupron.

Wish me luck and also I wish everyone else good luck!
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Hi I am on day 7 of stims!  This is my 3rd IVF cycle so I am trying to stay positive. I really hope it works this time. I see my RE on Friday for u/s and blood work.  I hope everything is growing well.  I am on Lupron and Menopur which is different from the last 2 cycles.  I feel extra bloated and lots of cramping on my right and left ovaries.  i hope this is a good sign.  My ER should be sometime next week, which I can't stop thinking about!  Very nerve wracking!!  I look forward to meeting more great people on this thread and hope we can take this stressful journey together!
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Welcome onboard melram :) 2012 gonna be one lucky year probably to each of us to conceive, if not deliver the baby. Hope you make more and more eggs everything works this time.

Take care.
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Sigh our consult is still a week away.. and that's not really even getting started. I'm anxious for the actual process cause we have never done any of this, my hubby isn't the greatest support ( he's squeamish ) and I wish there was someone to talk to about all of this!
On a less whiney note... I can't wait to hear how you are all doing! :)
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Day 6 frozen embryo transfer done today class A the endocrinologist said!! Hope all goes well Beta scheduled for Thursday the 26th of July. Thinking happy baby thoughts and visualizing implantation! No babies left in the freezer so this is it.
Did fresh ivf last year with 5 day blast single transfer. It was a bfp in October! Carried till ten weeks and m/c!!! Hope this one sticks for the long haul!!!!
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Hi All,

This is my 5th IVF try, we have egg retrieval / transfer late next week, beta test 2nd week of August. :)  
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hi - so a lil background I did ivf back in january of 2011 and got a bfp on the first try i was very lucky :) I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in October 2011 and now that she is almost 10 months we want to try to have one more baby to complete out family. I have 10 snowbabies so we are in the process of going through our first fet. my targeted transfer date is 8-31 so it is at the very end of the month but I was hoping i could join this group and have some ladies to talk to even though i did ivf this is something different and while i am happy it is less invasive i feel nervous and anxious all over again about the fet and if it will work as i have heard that fets are not as sucessfull. sorry for the long post wanted to introduce myself and say hi and if any one has any questions about ivf feel free to ask and if anyone has words of encouragement or sucess please tell .

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