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Hello Ladies!

I start this thread to bring all of us into one forum to share our updates, thoughts, experiences and what not! My IVF scheduled for ER on 8/5 and ET around 8/10. Meds on the way to start lupron.

Wish me luck and also I wish everyone else good luck!
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Good luck and waiting for your update BFP :)
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Our retrieval is scheduled for tomorrow and transfer will be either 8/11 or 8/14 depending upon 3 day or 5 day :) all geared up and thrilled, 8/23 is gonna be the first beta test.

15 days from now, Wooohooooooo!

Howz it going with everyone else?
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thanks for the support!   Good luck with your egg retrieval.  Hope everything goes well!  
  I had my first acupuncture appt yesterday.  It wasn't too bad.  I like the doctor.  I am hoping it helps me get more mature eggs this round.  I am anxiously trying to figure out when AF will come so I can get my work schedule situated.  
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Retrieval went well, will know fertilization results today, also will  know whether it is a 3 day or  5 day. :)
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Glad to hear your retrieval went well!   My RE prefers 5 day transfers.  But I know of a lot of girls on here that did well with 3 day.   Did your RE say why they chose 3 vs 5 day transfer?
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Hi ladies! I have been so busy looking for solutions I have literally fallen into bed every night exhausted. Babyhope did you do your transfer today?! I really hope it goes exactly as you want it to, and you get your BFP. Yikes, Jennydots....the thought of acupuncture gives me anxiety. I am not sure how relaxed that could possibly make me. I am so clutzy I'd probably fall will all the pins in and they would lose one or something. I have terrible luck so if I didn't fall, I'd probably find out I was allergic to some chemical on their hands and end up covered in hives. LOL.
So, an update on us.. The one clinic we were going to go with in Portland has yet to get back to me with any other options or to even answer my questions about using a less comprehensive genetic screening (not really worried about an all encompasing panel) Another clinic has offered to search for companies that will subsidize our cycle if they can use blood results as research, has discounted meds, and is giving so many options and suggestions for funding our procedures.
We got our packet for the foster/adoption program and will register for classes that start in September. It's kinda funny, but the symbol for the DHS logo is almost identical to a tattoo I got years ago. I am do not believe in coincidences, but not sure I can go so far as to call it a sign.
Another bump or not really a bump, but something to make me think....my biological mother, who gave me up when I was 12yrs old has offered to talk to her financial advisor and find a way to fund 3 IVF cycles. I am not entirely sure what to say or what the right thing to do, but I am tempted to take any money she wants to give.
Is that really selfish? is it wrong? Is my daughter really going to be adopted? We also have the added dilemma about if we do the IVF what to do with the boys and left over embies. We had said we wanted to donate them, but what if no one wants them because we have a son who has ADHD? or because my husband is right on the cusp of diabetes? or because they will likely have red hair???? so many what ifs and questions.
I can't wait to hear about your transfer babyhope  
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