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Just started talking about IVF with a Dr...

So I just started talking to a dr. about IVF (my husband has male fertility prob--we're still discovering what exactly is going on) and the dr suggested Pacific NW Fertility and Seattle Reproductive Medicine (oh, I live in Anch., AK)... does anyone know anything, experience wise on these or other clinics?  I cervix is also unusually strong... and stubborn, turns out even if my hubby's swimmers were knocking on the door, they probably couldn't get in (in a nut shell is what has been alluded to)... so IVF sounds like the next possible step... please some feedback!  
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I have no experience with Seattle area clinics, but just wanted to wish you best of luck! With male factor infertility, IVF is definitely the best way to go! Not sure what your doctor meant about your cervix, though. It changes depending on where you are in your cycle, and although it is closed and firm for the majority of the cycle, it rises, becomes soft and opens a little as you approach ovulation.

Good luck!
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My suggestion woulfd be embryo adoption
best of luck
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My husband and I live about 300 miles from Seattle.  We decided to go to a clinic in Bellevue, Washington even though it is far away.  There is a clinic in our area but after doing our own research we found a Seattle clinic would be best for us.  We went to a place called Overlake Reproductive Health. You should google it and see what you think!  They are awesome
Best wishes to you
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I can't speak to the other one because I went to Seattle Reproductive. My husband and I were very pleased with how they handled everything. We were from out of the area too which made it more awkward but they have one person who does nothing but help the patients who are coming from out of the area.  It was so much more simple than I thought it would be.  Plus they have the refund program.  Since we didn't get pregnant with our first cycle we are very, very happy to have chosen that.
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