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Letrozole vs Clomid

After 2 unsuccessful attempts with Clomid, my Dr wants to put me on Letrozole...
just want to know if anyone has experienced any success with this drug? and how is it different/better than Clomid?
what are the side effects?  
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I got pregnant on both of them (different cycles).  The femara one ended in miscarriage, but it had nothing to do with the medication.  I'm now almost 13 weeks pregnant thanks to clomid.  I don't have side effects either way, maybe headaches with femara but I can't remember.  

It took me a few months to start responding to the femara. Clomid is known to dry out your cervical mucus and make the lining of the uterus too thin for implantation.  That was never an issue for me, so I guess it's different for every person.
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I find the letrozole has less side effects than clomid.  I also can't use clomid cause my endometrium is too thin.

Definitely worth a try.  I got pregnant my first IUI with letrozole,but unfortunately lost it.  Trying again this month.
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I have used both and after five attempts with clomid no success and the first try with letrozole I got pregnant with my son due to placenta ruption.  I'm trying letrozole again with this cycle.
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It's interesting how meds affect people differently. I went 4 rounds with clomid and had no side effects, but like trying43, I have friends who had a rough time. Best thing to do is talk to your RE.
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I used letrozole and on the first round in combo with follistim it worked, I am now 9 weeks pregnant. (we didnt do IUI, we did it the old fashioned way,lol) My RE doesnt use clomid because it thins out the lining too much and has side effects.  On the letrazole, I didnt have any side effects at all. I have never used clomid so I cant really compare the two but know a few people who have and they said it was hormone @#$%!  Hope this helps.  Good luck to you.
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I was on Clomid but asked my RE about Letrozole because I have a friend who got pregnant twice on second round of IUI with Letrozole.  RE said it was merely doctor preference. My RE has higher success rates with clomid so that's what he prescribes, but his partner in the same clinic uses Letrozole almost exclusively.  I'm sure that wasn't very helpful... but thought I'd share.
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