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Low and slow rising HCG and really high progesterone and estradiol

I just had my second IVF done. I have a history of my eggs arresting on day 2-3. Therefore, this cycle we transfered good and average embryo on day 3. My first beta was 2weeks after the transfer: HCG 36, progesterone 260 and estradiol 1739. My Dr. Said it was low. The second test was 2 days later: HCG 50, progesterone 360, and estradoil 1849. He found the second test low and said 39% increase is not good enough and asked me to come back again for the blood test after two days later. He is freaking me out. Did anyone went through such situation and had a healthy baby. This is my first BFP and I want this baby so badly. Looking for some hope.

Wishing for a Miracle
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Never went thru IVF but I've had a slow rising HCG. My experience isn't what you want to hear, that pregnancy turned into an ectopic one. However, I've heard several others that went on to have healthy pregnancies and babies. My doc did the same as yours and checked it every 48 hours and it was t doubling like it was suppose to. We did that for 3 weeks. Never give up!
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Thanks for replying. With the rising hcg and high progestrone they said I don't have ectopic pregnancy. The nurse said, with ectopic pregnancy you would have low hcg and low progestrone. They are confused and will come to conclusion by tomorrow after looking at the third blood test results. I am nervous. I am trying to stay positive and calm but it is getting harder day by day.
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Anymore,  docs want your HHUGti double within 72 hours, which your on track for.
.  How many days past your transfer were you on your1st blood draw?  

Sending baby dust your way! !!
I had my first blood drawn after 2 weeks (4/25) from my 3rd day tansfer (4/11). I just had my 3rd blood drawn. Today I don't feel any symptoms like gas, bloating cramping. I am little worried. At least there is no period yet. Is this normal?
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I just had my 4th blood drawn after 6 days later. I had 3 day transfer on 4/11.
Hcg- progestrone - estradoil
4/25:  36 - 260 - 1739
4/27: 50 - 360 - 1849 (ruled out ectopic and molar pregnancy bc of high P&E)
4/29: 52 - 189.3 - 1681 (plateau hcg = chemical pregnancy)
5/5: 446 - 283 - 1820 (now Dr saying possible ectopic pregnancy)

I am not bleeding or feeling any pain. Did anyone have this type of blood result and had a normal pregnancy? Is there a hope for a miracle? Looking for a positive and success stories.

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