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Male - Low Motility - Morphology

I have a child from my first marrige. Now I am divorced and engaged with a lady whose ex had interfility issues. Naurally she requested a semen analysis and the result I got is not very good since the Motility is only 34% (vs >50% as WHO) and Normal Forms Morpholoty only 6% (vs > 14% as Kruger). I am a bit surprised how could I get my first child with only 2nd month's try.

Please let me know how bad is result to have another child and what are my options?

ph = 8
vol = 4 ml
concentration 20M/ml
total count = 80M
Round cells = 1/occ
Clumping <5
Sperm viability = 83%

Total Motility = 34% (Rapid 0%, Forward 5%, Slow 86%, Non Prog. 9%)

Morphology: Normal 6%, Head Defects 85%, Neck-Mid Defects 5%, Tail Defect 4%, Immature cells 0%

Comments:  Astheno Teratozoospermia (slow, low quality sperm)

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Well, your counts are awesome.  If you have fathered a child before, I don't see why you would have a problem achieving pregnancy again, but if you do.... You could always do IUI, which is where they insert the sperm directly into the uterus so they do not have to "swim" and find their way, or IVF w/ICSI which is where they insert the sperm directly into the egg.  There are always options.  But, I think since this has not been an issue in the past, you will have no problems.

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My husband went in to have the test and they told him his Morph levels were a bit on the bad side but they were still good.  They told him in order to improve everything for him to take a multi vitamin and some good quality fish oil with the omega 3.   His second test came back great.  

They do tell you that if you smoke, chew or drink it can affect the quality of sperm so he told my husband to cut back on the chewing and drinking alcohol.  
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