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Male factor infertility

Anyone ttc despite male factor infertility? It seems that this is a less common issue discussed on forums.  Maybe I'm missing these posts.  My DH has poor sperm morphology (1%) and I have yet to chat with anyone dealing with a similar issue.  I'm having questions about doing IVF (with ICSI) in this case and would like to share information/thoughts with someone who is considering or already completed IVF using ICSI, particularly if morphology was the problem.  Anyone relate???
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My hubby has mobility and count issues.  I always say we have to use ICSI because his sperm never stops and asks for directions.  We reteived one round w/IVF and did ICSI.  Many couples on here have done ICSI : )
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I like how you put that! Directionally challenged sperm.  My DH's are just deformed! You have a good line for that? Something about defective sperm just scares me.  I've been reading some research on the use of ICSI and a higher prevalence of congenital abnormalities and sex chromosome issues.  It can't be determined what the cause might be, the actual procedure (ICSI) or a paternal issue (some genetic condition perhaps).  Either way, it doesn't seem to be THAT much higher (maybe 1%) than the general population, but it still is scary.  Did you or anyone you know do any testing to find out WHY the SA is abnormal or was that not addressed.  Our RE doesn't seem to think the "why" is very relevant.  
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we had male factor and did IVF with ICSI.
the night part is that this is one of the most treatable issues since once they inject the DNA from the sperm into the egg directly and create an embryo, the male factor issues are now gone :)
almost 41 weeks pregnant with our baby girl..and more than ready to meet her.
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Hi huni, my DH has poor motility and a slightly low count. I have severe endo also but we have had ICSI. The docs dont consider the why to be important. As happynifer says once they inject the sperm directly into the egg to form an embryo it stops the male factro being an issue. My DH is also on a stack of supplements to try to improve his swimmers. After 4 years of TTC we also had a natural pregnancy despite the MF issues. Sadly we miscarried at 10 weeks but it allows me to believe that i got pregnant once and it can happen again. Keep your chin up huni.

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You are right! I can't believe how much science and research and technology has been put in assisting the female part of the equation (hormones, etc), compared to how little I can find about what can my hubby do to improve his guys...
My RE simply dismissed any idea that anything can be done on the male side...

I'm almost 41, and have been triyng 4 times IVF + ICSI, 3 embryos day 3 per trial (from 2 egg retrievals, over 3 years).  My eggs are still good, they say, but I have a history of uterine fibroids and scars. Hubby however has severe male infertility issues (motility, count, shape, you name it). They only retrieved sperm from him once! I kept thinking "what if it wasn't his best day?" but then someone above pointed out they take the DNA and insert it in the egg, so I guess that part must be the same on any given day... hum...

Second trial (fresh retrieval cycle on me) I got pregnant with twins (heart beats detected!) but ended in 4 respectively 6 weeks in February 2010. I really think it's b/c they didn't monitor my progesterone, but they just said "it must have been something wrong with the embryos"!

First and third trials, embryos did not implant at all. Now I'm waitiing for my hCG (blood test for pregnancy hormone) results for the fourth trial tomorrow, but I don't think the embryos implanted at all this round either, by the "feels" of it. Plus a pee-on-the-stick test this morning showed negative (day 12 after transfer).
Trying again fresh cycle in the summer, I suppose....

I'm old and tired, and sometimes really scared (mostly when I'm too full of progesterone-unballanced estrogens and all types of stupid ideas go through my head), but I only have the next 1-2 more years to try b/c I heard in Canada they don't do IVF over age 42 and I have no other clinic to go to, and hubby does not want even to think about adoption.... So I guess we'll see how it goes.

Good luck to you. There are many people for whom IVF+ICSI worked fine, including my lucky Japanese sister-in-law (on the last embryo of her 3rd trial).who's hubby has almost same problems as mine, being brothers and all..  Cute little nephew I have :)

Keep hoping!!!!
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