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Mitochondria replacement therapy

Hi everyone! Ladies, have recently read some awesome article, wanted to share for more opinions. ~~
@@@Center for Human Reproduction offers patients who are above 40 and for those, who suffer from low levels of AMH, an innovative program that makes it possible to get pregnant with their own eggs. Mitochondria replacement therapy is an innovation and a breakthrough in the field of ART and the fertility treatment. This program gives women, who underwent numerous unsuccessful IVF cycles, aged 40+, patients with low mitochondrial functional activity, an excellent chance to give birth to a child who shares a genetic relationship with her and her partner. How is this possible? Mitochondrion is one of the most important components of any living cell, including the egg. In simple words, mitochondrion is the cell’s energy station. Essentially, its work consists in supplying the cell with vital energy for its normal functioning.
Women that went through multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts, as well as of older reproductive age, need to restore oocyte mitochondria in order to successfully become pregnant. A woman can become pregnant only if there are functionally active mitochondria in her oocytes. Donation of mitochondria will allow thousands of hopeless women to give birth to a healthy child through IVF using mitochondrial donation.
To carry out such a procedure, an egg donor with a high functional activity of mitochondria, a patient, and sperm for in vitro fertilization are required. Healthy functionally active mitochondria are taken from a donor’s oocyte and integrated with the patient’s cells. Next, fertilization with sperm and transfer of a healthy embryo into the patient’s uterus is performed. Mitochondria donation is a unique assistive reproductive technology, which is basically the implantation of a healthy and functionally active donor mitochondria into the cells of an infertile patient, that provides the patient’s cell with the necessary energy and contributes to successful pregnancy.
What do you, ladies, think? Doesn't  it sound impressive? Would you use this procedure if facing probable donor egg route? Anyone, who's already been through? Experiences, if any?
TIA for being involved into discussion.
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I've just got to know the costs! The clinic offers packages EUR 9.900 and 14.900. But this seems to only be up to the end of June. Should check it out. The method is currently in the whole use..They've already got their ''pioneers' with positive outcomes. Looks like people are getting more and more interested in it..
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One more thing to add, I guess. These mitochondria do have a tiny bit of DNA. But it is just used for making energy. The egg donor would contribute the DNA that is in the nucleus (the genome). This would have the genetics for eye color, height, personality, etc. etc. When we think of someone being genetically related, it’s the nuclear genome that we are thinking of. (Not the mitochondrial DNA!!) Do the embryo would be yours at least in the way we usually think about it. This approach is based on the idea that aging/poor eggs might not be genetically damaged but might be more out of steam/energy. Some results suggest that adding such fresh mitochondria could rejuvenate eggs and help them to succeed. It is cutting edge technology so I’m not sure to what extent it helps, yet.
But my biological clock is ticking..and even more loudly..I don't think I'll be this successful again in a couple of yrs when we'll probably be traveling abroad for a sibling. So, primarily, I'm looking here for more experiences with using this very method. Again thank you all for reading. Looking forward to your comments.
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