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One day period

I am 39 years old .I have been having my normal period but since August and September I have had only one day period. My husband and I have been trying now since I had lost my child during child birth 2018.We have been trying and not experiencing any pregnancy but since July I have been having morning sickness that lasted up to this September I am afraid to do anymore pregnancy test because I don’t want failure!!! Is there any chance I could be pregnant
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Hahahahaha thanks again and again for being here for me and those with this same complication! I feel as if you are right next DOOR  to me I am glad to have you in my pregnancy journey sweetie. Thanks
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Me too!  hugs!
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I did take the test and I am pregnant!! But I am having my period again!! This October which started yesterday but pink in color by 12:00 midnight it turned bright red up to this morning by 6:30 it turns up pink and stopped!!! No clots at all no abdomen pain at all just very sleepy with a lot of heart burn with other pregnancy symptoms.
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YAYYYYYY!!!!!  That's awesome, sweetie!  We have a pregnancy forum for anything that crops up and I'd love to follow your pregnancy.  We've got a pregnancy tracker you can use on your home page! :>)  I'm SO happy for you!
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Yes, there is a chance you are pregnant!  I had mild bleeding when I was pregnant around the time I'd get my period.  It was not my norm.  Pregnant.  Lots of women do.  I also had a baby at 39 years old.  So, please know you have time.  Take the test and let me know.  I"m very sorry for your loss, sweetie.  It hurts, I know.  hugs.
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Thanks so much I hardly appreciate your love and concern.
Hey, I've been there.  I'd take a deep breath and just take a test.  Let me know, okay?
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