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Ovulated on my right side With no right tube I’m pregnant

I was in the ER last night with right side pain and Cramping. I found out I’m pregnant a few days ago. My first HCG Tuesday was 53. My 2nd on Thursday was 211. Last nights HCG was 633 as of today Monday 12/10/18 I’m only late by 3 days. The pain is in my right side and I don’t have a tube on that side so they don’t think that is were I’m pregnant? It seems impossible right..... but I did show I had a cyst like thing ruptured and looked like it might be bleeding a bit on my right ovary. I know I ovulated off my right side this month too... my dr said that my left tube took my right ovary egg..... I have know idea what’s going on but they side the cramping is normal. I don’t have v. bleeding or anything. I’m sooooo confused.... I’m up from right side pain right now. I do get cyst  often.....  they definitely said my right ovary took the pregnancy. It’s the one with the  pregnancy cyst on it plus the little one that’s bleeding a little bit.
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Well, first I want to say congrats on the pregnancy.  Were you trying to conceive? That's exciting.  And sounds like a minor miracle with all you had going on!  Gosh, I'm trying to understand it all.  What are they concerned about?  They don't think you are having a pelvic pregnancy do they?
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They’re not sure if it’s in the right spot. My hCG level last night was only 622 but I’m only four weeks pregnant. I had a tubal pregnancy in August and lost my baby and my right fallopian tube. I have some scar tissue on my left Fallopian tube So I’m high-risk for another Tubal pregnancy. They told me they can’t see where the baby is until your hCG is around 2000.  They weren’t sure if I got pregnant on my right ovary and it ruptured. My OB called today and said that was pretty impossible .
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Hi there! Congratulations! I'm in a different case. so cannot be of much help with pieces of advice on your concerns. Just dropped in to say I'm happy you're on the other side of the fence now. may your little miracle grow strong and healthy. may you both enjoys moths spent together!!
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Thank you. Are you ok? We lost a baby this year and it was so hard. We didn’t know if we could have anymore. Fingers crossed everything goes OK with this one. I wish you the very best with what you are going  through .
Hi, @CarlyLuek,
I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your loss. Hoping time will heal your wounds..Thanks Lord he's blessed you after all the strugglings.
Thank you for asking. Here's my story in brief. With ex partner  ttc for 13 months without success. When I tried to discuss our visit to a fertility expert, he even didn't want to talk. he refused even to see the dr, not mentioning passing tests or sth. We broke up. I was left then 38 yrs 'young', with no kids ever, not even the sign of pregnancy. All my people around seemed to have build their  families and given birth to a slew of kids. Everyone - but not me!!?? you must know, how it feels when you're trying for long with no luck - seeing pregos gets really hard, unbearable..Now I'm almost 41 yrs old. I have a dh. He willingly shared this path with me. At the beginning of treatments I suffered needle phobia. amh turned back 10,8. apart from being old in 'medical eyes' and fat there was no actual explanation. ivf#1 failed. ivf#2 -bfp. Did both cycles abroad. The thing i was doing differently the second time around was: doing reflexology. Eating pineapples and brazil nuts. We weren't expecting that cycle to work. Cause 8 of 10 eggs died before day 5. (Our clinic does 5day blasts fresh transfers) So biotex team put back the remaining 2 grade b&b. 1 implanted!! Got my first bfp ever on day 13 after ET. Beta confirmed pregnancy, risig the following days in a quick progress. I'm currrently prego with a baby. We still don'tknow the sex. i believe it's a girl, just feel like this.
All this story took a lot from us. at the same time it brough much more precious into our lives - our little one. I'm praying the pregnancy goes smopth and healthy for both of us. All the very very best x
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