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Ovulating or not?

Has anyone had issues with OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) with not detecting LH surges?
My doctor says my hormone levels are fine, yet I can't get any readings that would suggest I'm ovulating.
My sleep schedule isn't great so I'm not tracking my BBT.
My CM tracking is spotty, but I don't think I'm getting the egg white consistency.
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Truthfully, I had a horrible time understanding OPK's.  Just didn't seem right and they said I ovulated all the time.  I didn't feel they were accurate. The best way of knowing if you ovulated was if you get a period.  You will always get a period after ovulation unless you're pregnant. And a true period always indicates you ovulated.  The other thing I used for information on ovulation was taking my temperature. I got a cheap digital thermometer and kept it by my bed and tracked my temp every single day.  I took it when I first woke up.  You'll notice a pattern most likely if you do this.  On day one of your cycle and for the days to follow your temp will be near a pretty consistent temp.  When you ovulate, your temp goes up usually one full degree.  If you chart it -- you'll see this.  It stays up that one degree all the way until you are about to or start your period. Then it drops back down to the lower temperature.  If you track it this way over the course of a couple of cycles, you begin to see about what day you ovulate to predict when to have sex.  The week before you normally ovulate, you want to have sex every other day.  This gives you the  best chance.  Once the temperature goes up that degree, you know you have ovulated and you just wait to see if you were successful in getting pregnant that cycle.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/basal-body-temperature/about/pac-20393026  This has an image of a chart you can recreate to use.  https://julesbogdanski.com/fertility-acupuncture-bbt-charting/
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