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Ovulation test "Low Fertiltiy"

So in a nutshell my husband and I are beginning to try for our second child. Our child now is 10.   Anyhow, I took the ClearBlueEasy ovulation test this morning, as directed, first uriniation of the day, and it showed "Low Fertility" which is just a plain circle on the stick.  Being that this is my first time to actually TRY for a child, I got a little worried based on the fact that I am at day 13 on my cycle, due to ovulate in 2 days, shouldn't my test reflect "high fertility" ?
As I said I am very new to this as well as the lingo that goes along with it, so I apologize if I goofed on some of the wording.
Any advice from moms with experience with this would be greatly appreciated!!
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Sometimes you ovulate earlier to, that's why you need to start checking even before that time.
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Your not alone.... Im the same way ... Ive been trying for so long
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Hi there,

I'll share with you what I know.  I've been seeing a fertility doctor and the information he gave me is, never test with your first morning urine if you're trying to catch your ovulation time.  It takes a little while for that hormone to build up so he told me to test around 10 a.m or later.  I used the Answer brand from Walmart, its' the little strips and I think there's about 18 or so in the pack.  When it's your first time testing I would recommend testing the day after your period, once a day until you start seeing the beginning of an almost positive.  After the first month of doing this and seeing when your ovulation time usually is, it'll get easier and you'll start getting the hang of it.  You'll be able to start testing when it's closer and not have to worry about testing everyday again.  Some women have long ovulation phases and some have short.  I have a 31 day cycle, so I usually ovulate around cycle day 16 or 17.  It can be a little confusing and overwhelming at first, but you'll get the hang of it.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask or message me.  I don't mind.  The closer you get to your ovulation day your test will gradually get darker and darker (on the answer brand I was telling you about).  You'll have a control line and a test line.  So when your test is positive the test line will be darker than the control line and that means you'll ovulate within 24-36 hours.  

I hope this helps.  Best of luck to you!! :)
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