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Pain after salpingectomy

I have pain every month at the time of ovulation on my side where I had an ectoptic pregnancy and salpingectomy about a year ago. Is this normal?

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i had part of my ovary removed on the left side and have been "tender" over there ever since (when getting ultrasounds etc).. unfortuantely i dont' ovulate on that side anymore... so not sure about the ovulation... have you had an ultrasound to check whats going on around O time?  that might help make sure everything is ok?  it might just be some scar tissue or the nerves regenerating!! GOOD LUCK!
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i had a salpingoctomy in jan and i have an all time tenderness and when i have intercourse i have pain during and after as well i have not found any answers regarding this issue
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I think it may be a result of scar tissue that has formed from the surgery.. they put interceed in me afterwards (its supposed to prevent the scar tissues from forming as much) but still think i must have adhesions or something there, from the pain also my cervix is now tilted to the opposite side they did the work, so i would guess the adhesions are pulling it that direction
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I'm having the same problem, however, I had my tube removed when I was 17.  I am now feeling pain in that area during sex.  The pressure is almost too much.  I've found myself not even wanting to have sex.
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I have the same happening to me.  Have you had any luck with finding answers?
Have you taken the pills ? If so have they worked for you ?
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