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Possible to conceive without help at 47?

I had my IUD taken out about 4 years ago. We have not used any birth control all this time. Twice my period was late and then there were was ridiculous amounts of blood and large clots...heavier than my usual periods. Other than those, I'm still pretty regular. Is it possible to conceive without help? Is there anything I can do that does not require so much time and money in hospitals or clinics?
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Hi, honey, I'm sorry you're facing this. Still here are a couple of things to remember. Ovulation is not an exact science! It can occur earlier, later or not at all in any given cycle. Even normally fertile women have the occasional anovulatory period. Do not go down the route of timed intercourse. It can do more harm than good within a relationship. Make love when you both feel like it and not just when you think it's ovulation time. Position is immaterial. No position is shown to increase conception over another! Do not use temp charting or OPK's at all in the event that your cycle is consistently irregular. A normal cycle is a cycle length of between 21 and 35 days. (Or if there is less than 4 days of variation from month to month.)
If periods are consistently irregular and or painful in nature - get this checked out with your dr. If the nature of your periods changes over time - get this investigated too. Finally, if you have been ttc for a year without success you should seek medical help. Stay calm, hun, try to make some natural improvements to the ttc. At least they won't do any harm. Take care xx
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That's good.  It's definitely much harder when we are older.  I don't think two days of heavy bleeding with clots is abnormal, how long is your period overall and how many days is your cycle typically? Have you ever tried temp taking and charting it?
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they last about 5 to 6 days. my periods are about 21 days from end of period to start
That's way normal!  Exactly what you'd like to hear.  Try temp taking.  Do you know how to do that?
no I don't. thank you for all of your help btw
Okay, I swore by temperature taking as it gave me a little bit of extra information.  Get a regular digital thermometer. Keep it by your bed with a pad of paper and pencil or pen.  When you wake up, as soon as you wake up before getting out of bed, take your temp.  Record it.  Then you can do a little graph if you are visual like me.  ha.  But what the typical pattern is that you have a regular temp on cycle day one and it is around the exact same (near) all the way until you've ovulated. Then it rises a degree.  This is how I knew I properly ovulated.  It usually is too late to get pregnant then as ovulation has already occurred BUT I cold track over time and knew then about when I exactly ovulated.  My body doesn't lie.  And then it stays that degree higher all the way until you get your next period. Then it goes back down.  The only two times it didn't go back down for me?  When I was pregnant!  It will stay up if you conceive.  I found it really helpful for understanding my body.  
that is very helpful! thank you
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Hi and welcome.  There is always the possibility of pregnancy while you are still menstruating but it is less and less likely to conceive as we get older and older without some type of intervention.  If you really would like a baby, at least talk to your doctor.  The other issue with the age is the quality of the egg.  Unfortunately, this also decreases as we get older.  This is why things like downs and such are more likely as you get older. This isn't to discourage you but rather to encourage you to talk to your doctor.  If you have any type of budget in mind for conceiving, that helps to know.  Even testing such as the dye test has been known to bump fertility in and of itself.  But you have to know what the problem is in order to fix it.  Simple blood work could be a start.  Is it possible to talk to your doctor? Do you have any other children?
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I have 2 children...well adults now... from my 1st marriage. I am actually living and working in another country so healthcare is not even close to same quality and I've not yet discovered or heard of fertility clinics here. I started taking folic acid every day after it was recommended by my gyn. guess I was hoping it would help some. what types of blood tests would I be looking at? I know I'm running out the clock....
Ugh, that makes it hard.  Remaining in top health always can aid in fertility so vitamin supplements are good.  Also proper diet, rest, exercise.  So, I guess a blood test to determine your hormone levels.  It will also tell you how close you are to menopause.  Is your period like clockwork still?  
yes I'm pretty regular. but I usually have 2 days of heavy bleeding with big blood clots. I brought it up at my last check up in the US and shedding seem concerned. I use a tracking app for periods and sexual activity to make sure my days are accurate. it also tells me most fertile days.
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