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Pre menstrual syndrome

I Had done embryo transfer 3 days aftereggs picking, after that 10 days passed away but I don't have any pre menstrual syndrome like lower abdomen pain, cramps etc, and don't have morning seekness, vometing. Is is normal in this situation or am I being pregnant?
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Its possible 50/50. Some people have symptoms while others dont. The hormone progesterone tends to cause the nausea vomiting and breast soreness. And with ivf you are getting large doses. I was one of those persons who didnt have any symptoms besides bloating but my pt was postive. Around 6weeks in i started to get nausea, acne and crampy.
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Early pregnancy signs can be so very subtle that they are really unreliable.  PMS is also wacky and can change from cycle to cycle and is unreliable to judge things by.  Try not to worry although I know it is hard.  You will know soon enough if your transfer worked.  Younglove31 gave you a great answer.  Hang in there and let us know how things turn out!!
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Agree, it's 50/50. This is very individual. Some ladies may have all of the symptoms. Others not, or just some. During my last successful cycle I took a home cheapie a day before beta. I got up in the morning and saw light brown spotting in my pantiliner. When I wiped I had some slight clotty/tissue type material. It had been slightly brown spotting all day but no more tissue. Also had been crampy all day long. Of course, having been through this with the prior failure, I immediately figured all was lost.. I called my nurse. She said it wasn't true and it might not mean anything. She said I had to wait for beta the next day and she was right. We all are different with our bodies reaction. But I'm hoping so much you get your bfp.Fingers crossed, waiting for updates!
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