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Provera help!

I was recently prescribed Provera 10mg (1 tablet two times a day for 10 days) to bring on my period.
As a bit of background, I haven't had a period in around 6 months. After seeing the GP had Pap smear, blood tests and ultrasounds. GP said i hadn't ovulated so sent me to gyno, only other finding was slightly enlarged follicular ovaries which I was told was consistent with my body trying to do what it's supposed to but struggling.

Gyno then said signs of pcos but not really enough to diagnose and would be reluctant to diagnose me as having it. Most likely causes of problems being weight & stress. Prescribed provera and told me if I got a bleed then everything is working normally.

Took provera for 10 days now on day 6 after finishing tablets. On day 4 after finishing I had mild cramping, day 5 (yesterday) cramping was moderate when I wiped I had very very faint pinkish brown discharge & once had some red blood after wiping.

Today (day 6) when I woke up the cramping was worse (off and on) & it really felt like I would get AF. There were a few tiny spots of very dark blood on the pad I wore to bed. When I wiped there was brown blood (not a lot but more than yesterday and a little thicker) and a slight pinkish tinge. Tonight it has eased again and is only a tiny amount when wiping. I am definitely not pregnant

This is my first time taking provera & having a baby is very important to me so I'm freaking out. Have pretty much lost any hope of AF showing up. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Has anyone not responded to provera but gone on to conceive? Any help would be appreciated
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Thanks for your reply Tonya. I finally got AF properly today so feeling much better now. Now to find out where to go from here :)
It's very hard when you so desperately want a little one. I really hope that things go well for you!
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I was giving provera as well last month do to me not having periods and not ovulating so I took provera for ten days one pill a day. I had AF on August 3rd til August 13th I was calling my doctor every 3 days cause I never bleed for that long but they said that I was getting cleaned out from not having a period and I have pcos. And i m not sure did I ovulate this month or not but I'm TTC as well and with us having these problems with our periods it will be hard to get pregnant. I pray that everything will work out for you
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