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Recent periods once every three months. TTC

So I am 31 years old, I have unfortunately had to terminate pregnancies. I recently had to abruptly stop taking my birth control due to insurance and decided to stay off of it. I received my period immediately after stopping and then I went 4 months without getting it, I received it again and now I am on my third month of not getting it. I have been trying to conceive for a few months now by using test kits however my LH levels seem to be on the higher end multiple times in a month. My questions are, is this something normal? I know having a delayed period is normal once you stop birth control but I have not been able to find anything in regards to it stopping and starting months on end. I also want to know if starting birth control again could possibly help me reset my periods so that I can get my cycle back on track and hopefully conceive a child. Does anyone have any experience or information on this, thank you for any assistance
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Hi!  First, it takes the average couple up to a year to conceive a child.  It feels like everyone gets pregnant around you easily but for most people, it really does take effort.  Having a consistent, regular period is pretty important though for the process.  STarting and stopping birth control is going to make you irregular, no doubt.  And you are getting back to normal.  Give it some time.  Keep trying, but know that you are normalizing and your hormones are evening out.  One thing I really found helpful was taking my temperature.  This gave me some insight that I couldn't get elsewhere.  Our bodies work in very specific ways.  So, we have a cycle, right?  Cycle day one is the first day of our period and we count from there.  If we start taking our temperature and chart it on that day, we see a pattern.  We are at a fairly consistent temperature.  This lasts until it goes up usually about one degree.  This happens right after we ovulate.  So, it really can give us insight as to when we ovulate.  If we track it for a while and our pattern of our own cycle gets normal (for us), we can then pretty accurately predict ovulation based on our own body telling us.  THEN, your temperature stays at this degree higher until the day or day before you are going to start your next period.  UNLESS you are pregnant, then it never goes back down.  When charting my temp, it stayed high two times and two times only and guess what, I have TWO kids.  So, it is pretty good in terms of tools to understand our body.  Get a cheap thermometer and put it by your bed with a notebook and just put down date and temp.  Do it before you get out of bed in the morning.  

Also, it helps to have a physical when TTC.  Things like thyroid can be checked and hormone levels in general and a good discussion with your doc about the process.  Do you have an ob/gyn?
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