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Should we move to IVF?


I am 33 and DH 35.
Me - Perfectly normal. (Have a 4cm Fibroid.)
DH - Low sperm counts

We did 4 IUI's.
IUI1 (using Clomid 2 follicles,  Post wash sperm count 7.5 Mil ) - BFP. Ended with M/C, early pregnancy loss.
IUI2/3/4/5  (using clomid 1 follicle , Post wash sperm count : 5.5 M, 4.5M, 8.5M, 3.5M respectively)  - BFN

Since i just produced 1 follicle with 150 mg Clomid and sperm counts are low, should we consider moving to IVF?
Desperate to have a baby! Please advise
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You should talk to your doctor, but that may be a more successful option for you considering the rounds of clomid you have already tried. You can also ask about trying a clomid alternative, such as femara. Some women find that they are more successful with IUI and femara than clomid IUI. It's also less expensive and less invasive that IVF.
Good Luck!
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Thanks Momma..My doctor is open to prescribing Femara. But he is not sure if that will be more successful for me as i am ovulating normally also. I am so confused of whether to keep trying with IUI or moving to IVF.
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If you are ovulating normally, unless you have been at this more than a year or two, I would give nature a little more of a chance, since you're only 33.  Even if your husband's sperm count is "low," there will be a lot of individual sperm in a single ejaculation (I heard once that in a single event, a man could impregnate something like a million women if every sperm took.  Look that up to be sure, but "low" doesn't mean none.)  To get a better perspective, talk to a reproductive endocrinologist.
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I did 5 iui's with all BFN's.  I have no infertility issues but DH has low sperm count, poor motility, and I think poor morphology as well.  So it was recommended that we stop wasting money on iui's and save up for ivf.  We did one fresh ivf with BFN and one FET that gave us our beautiful baby girl.  I started IVF at 35 and gave birth at 36 years old.  It's hard to stop trying iui's since they are SOOO much cheaper than ivf and I always wonder if the next one would work but I am a big believer in ivf.  Now I am hoping to try again for a sibling once we can save up enough.  I hope your next try is successful!
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Thanks all...I agree iui is addictive especially bcos it worked for us once....but I m now tired of waitin so guess time to move ahead
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