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Sperm Count

We just did an IUI on Friday and I had a question about sperm count.  Here is my husbands...

Before Wash
Volume - 3.9 ml
Count 358 million sperms/ml
WBC's <1,000 WBCs/cmmm
Morphology 80% Normal
Motility 3 % 4t, 20% 3t, 32% 2t, 5% 1t, 40% x motility

Total Motile count 837.7 million sperms
Total normal motile count 670.2 million sperms
After wash - excellent concentration and motility

I've got no idea how to read this - but my concern is the total number.  Some things I've been finding online say that high of a number isn't good?  Any thoughts?
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I'll try this one more time to see if anyone has any thoughts about it.  
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I know most doctors liek motility to be at least 50%, but with that high number, the total motile count is still high, so in my opinion, it looks good.
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YOur #'s look good.  I think with IUI RE's look for about 4-10 mln good once.
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I just talked with the nurse and she said that the 40% was the amount of non motile sperm.  So I guess the motile count would be 60%?  She said things looked good - especially with the 670 mil normal motile sperm.  I didn't see my regular RE for the IUI - it was Good Friday and he wasn't on call so I didn't get to ask maybe questions.

Thanks all.
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Than that is an excellent count. :-D
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670 mln???!!!  I think the average is 40 mln.  Your dh must be a superman  :)
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he is pretty proud of himself!
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