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Stopped Birthcontrol and now trying to conceive

I was on the BCP for almost 3 years I had normal regular periods before I went on and I got off in August 2009 and did not get a period for over 3 months I had to induce one. Then took 60 days to get a period naturally after that. Fustrated... I decited to take a break and go back on BCP... So I did for two months and feel like I am ready to start the trying to convieve journey again. Because I dont seem to ovulation I find it very stressful and upsetting because how can I get pregnant if I am not ovulating... I am glad I got back on the Pill because I moved two months ago to a new town and I think that if I kept trying to conceive durring the last two months it would have been very difficult. So now I am back to charting.. I dont know how long until I get a period and how long till I ovulate... Id like to know if anyone else had this problem with quitting birth control and not ovulating... Thank you!
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I kinda had a similar problem. I never had a regular period before or after BCP. I was on it 5-6 years. My DH and I were ttc for a year and a half before going to the OB/GYN. He explained I have never really ovulated, and gave me Clomid to induce/trigger ovulation. He also ordered a sperm analysis for DH to make sure he was really contributing during BD. After a few rounds of Clomid, I had a BFP, but it ended in M/C. I know this is frustrating, but hang in there. Good luck and Baby Dust!  
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Thank you so much for your responce. I am really anxious to finally get a new doctor and get help and hopefully medication to help my situation. But since I am still in the year mark I feel I can sorta relax so I am trying to be patient but it is hard. I wish I could start meds straight away but I also want to try giving my body more time too and then go that root. I guess we will see what happends! Crazy thing is my sis-in-law just found out she is expecting and she told everyone she couldnt have kids or would have to take fertility drugs to make it happen but she got pregnant within 6 months of trying naturally...and now here I am, never thought Id have any problems and I am the only not concieving... very hard thing. I am worried It might be PCOS. But I guess I wont know for a while anywase.. Thanks again!
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