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TWW Train Continued 9/25

Let us know when you get your results, can't wait to post those BFP's!!!!! 16 to date out of this forum!!! There is a lot of Baby Dust on this train :-)
**4 new BFP's this week** Have a healthy 9 months!

luvdagiants      BFP!!!!!! Congrats!!!
Crumbs           BFP!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
msteri             BFP!!!! Congratulation!!!!!
ladybugbc       BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!    
Cat2608          BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
kkrk                BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Cill190             BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
puertoricanps1  BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Tracey37          BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Cctice              BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
littlehelpfromheaven  BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
happyplanner        BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
butterflybabies      BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
goldenbell              BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
KellyDO731           BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
sharon7222          BFP!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

BlessedMommy2000  23dpiui
LittleBeab2             32dpiui                
BabyDecker2010     14dpiui
wannabamomma      14dpiui
ashleighnb             13dpiui
waitin4baby            11dpiui  
Snickeritis              7dpiui
naturschld              8dpiui
sunshine8               4dpiui
stillwaiting52           3dpo                
Preciouspg            19dpo
Princessa745        19dpo
kaybee803            27dpo
MrS_L0PeZ           What dpo are you?


If I missed anyone or need to update you, please let me know :) SSBD to all!!

So sorry to those that didn't get a BFP this time. Keep the faith even though we all know how difficult this can be at times. We're here to support each other so if you need to vent or just want to get some advice, this train is the right place for you  XXX
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Hi Everyone,

Well, AF returned once again, which means I move forward into another month.  My man works out of town for weeks on end so not to sure when I'll be back on the TWW, but if you can still keep me on the 'GOOD LUCK TRAIN' that would be awesome. Thank-you Natalie for keeping us all there moving right along.  Sending LOTS OF STICKY BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!...GOD BLESS.
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Well it's d14piui and I took a test and got a BFN still no AF yet......

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1035905 tn?1252765778
I know the feeling my husband is gone every other two weeks of the summer/fall. (makes all of this even harder) Best of Luck for the future and God Bless!
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Going in today to check the follices.  I think I will get the trigger today and iui 2morrow.  so hopefully I will be riding the train again soon.

wishing everyone lost of sticky baby dust!
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Good luck girlie ;)  Looks like are cycles are close ;)
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I have another question about the progesterone. If my beta comes back negative the nurse said for me to stop the progesterone suppositories. When I stop the progesterone suppositories will that induce a period like with Provera, the oral progesertone?
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Preciouspg, You've got a great attitude and although it's not always easy to stay positive, it's the best thing to do. It does make it a bit tricky since your DH is gone but I will pray things will work out. I'll keep you on the train and let me know when it's time to update you :)

BabyDecker, So sorry about the bfn but it's not completely over until af shows, I hope she stays away from you!

lachelle, I'll add you to the tww next update! Good luck!!

ashleigh, I believe once you stop the progesterone supp. af should arrive. I am thinking the progesterone can cause af to be delayed just like in pg the body produces progesterone which causes af to stop. So in my understanding, I believe once you know you're not pg and you stop taking the progesterone then af will soon arrive. Good luck, let us know what your numbers are.
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I've been prog. supp.'s for a few months now, & by 13DPO is my beta i- or an HPT then I stop it, & it takes about 3 days for AF to come.
Hopefully you are pg!!!  GOOD LUCK ;)
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Yeah, I really know the feeling.  My husband is in Kuwait.  All I have are a couple vials of frozen sperm left.  I did my last IUI, the numbers went from about 70 million down to 3 million after the wash. So low.  I would love to just try again with him naturally, but I can't afford to wait till he gets home in late April.  I will be 42 and a half by then.   Had a dream that I had twins.  A girl and a boy.  That would be cool but sure would keep a person busy.  
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i'm 10 dpt. i go in for my 1st beta tomorrow....so scared. i go in for b/w in the morning & should be getting a call in the afternoon. i haven't really had any symptoms so i'm not getting too excited...not being negative, just don't want to get my hopes up & then be crushed. i hope everything works out for me & for my dh...we are hoping & praying. lots of baby dust to all of you ladies!
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Good Luck everyone still waiting..
Sorry to hear about some bfn's :(   try and stay positive! I will keep you guys in my prayers for your bfp's soon!

I just got my progestrone results from yesterday and it went from 8.3 monday to 22 thursday...I am on suppositories but I only took 3 doses before this test...everything ive read indicates this is a good sign...

With my previous preg/ectopic..my progestrone went from 9 to 12 to 10....so Im starting to get excited that this might actually be ok!

Also my beta was 16 on monday and 41 on thursday!
so it more than doubled in 48hrs...still on the low side but everything I have read regarding ectopics says that betas tend not to double properly and progestrone stays low...OMG I soooo hope this is it for me...
Wont have an ultrasound for at least another week! Next beta Monday!
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Just got back from RE.  I have two follicles,  one on each side. 19 and 21.  I got my trigger shot and have a scheduled iui for tomorrow at 12:30.  Is it too late for me to take sum Robitussin  ?
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i think if you get the iui, the sperm is already sitting and waiting where it needs to be. not sure you have to worry about your CM. good luck.
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i've never joined the train before, but i will. i'm 1 DPO.
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Sorry to hear about the BFN's ladies.  I will be thinking about you all and look forward to the next cycle.

Butterfly - that is great that your numbers went up!  Yay!  You have to at least have some peace on this?

AFM - I POAS again this mornin and the line was darker.  I called my RE and he couldn't believe I have been peeing positive (as he called it) since 5dpt!  I am now going in for my beta on Monday at 8:30.  I am 4 weeks on the dot today but my RE said that even though my EDD is 6/1 it maybe sooner because of this but it is hard to say.
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I am somewhat more relaxed...and I am 4wks 4days..Im also due 6/1....were gonna be pretty close! Bump buddies!! LOL..Good luck on Monday!
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I got my Beta results, it was less than 2 so I guess that means a negative. Progesterone lab not ready yet. My doctor is not available until monday. I think im supposed to stop the suppositories but not fully sure.
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Hi ladies. We were planning on doing IUI this month but due to hubbys work we decided to go the way of timed intercourse. I should be ovulating today after my orvidel triggers shot on Thursday night with sex last night and 8 am this morning. I have 2 follies on each side that were ready to be released so we went for it!!!!!! I will officially get my doc preggo test on the 9th of October so I guess I am on the train!
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I just got my progesterone results and it was 5.4 I was taking progesterone suppositories. Does anyone have information on normal levels of progesterone?
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I guess I will know more once I go for beta Monday and Wednesday next week.

I would like since I've been peeing positive since Wednesday they are going to be pretty high.

Is your beta on Monday the last beta and then they will schedule your u/s?
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I know my Fertility Dr. said that their happy with anything over 12. I've had 2 miscarriages this yr. (one set of twins) and my last miscarriage my progesterone was 8.

They put me on suppositories and I was instructed to take them 2 days after I '
"O" and to stay on them until AF arrived or I tested.

I've been taking them now for 2 cycles straight. Sept. 8th I found out I was pregnant again (I'm now 7wks 5 dys) my last test of progesterone was 36. Big difference!

Please note: Most Dr.'s will say that there's NO PROOF of progesterone. Some women with low progesterone have had healthy pregnancies, while some with high levels lost the pregnancy. I just know that progesterone CAN affect your miscarriage rate%.After 2 miscarriages, and pregnant now, I take NO chances. I was instructed to take them until 12wks. pregnant. Hope this helps.
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Nurse called yesterday afternoon and the beta was negative. She told me to stop the progesterone and call the first day of my AF. Really bummed but I know that with each cycle my chances will increase per the words of my dr. So waiting for AF so I can get started again.

Congrats to the BFP's and Good luck to the TWWers!!!
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Sorry to hear that.  Let's hope AF shows up soon so you can begin your next cycle.
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Hello family,

I had my 3rd iui today. So I am starting my tww.  Post wash count was 28.6 million.  I hepe that this month is our month.  I pray that i can keep myself busy during my wait and not test too early.  I test on 10/12 if AF doesnt show.  

good luck to everyone else on tww!    
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