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Things to avoid when ttc

All the books I've read about ttc talk about avoiding coffee, alcohol, hot tubs, etc, but what other common things can negatively affect ttc? I have been ttc for 3 yrs but just found out about ibuprofen and microwave popcorn this week. I was on high dose Motrin for back problems and my MD never mentioned that could affect TTC. I wanted to pass it along. Anyone know of other things that may have a negative effect but are not on the usual list of things to avoid?

Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) may interfere with implantation and should not be taken when ttc. Some sources even caution that it may also interfere with lining development and should avoided during the first half of the cycle before ovulation as well. Google it to find more info.

Microwave popcorn contains a chemical that may be linked to infertility. "It's not the popcorn itself, but the chemically-saturated lining of the bag including a compound called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that, according to a recent study from UCLA, may be linked to infertility. Microwaving vaporizes the chemicals as they move from coating the bag lining to the popcorn."
from http://planetgreen.discovery.com/food-health/foods-unsafe-doctors-eat.html
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The list is long, very long what things to avoid when ttc.  Believe me, I have been there, reading and reading and then stressing and stressing.  However, I didn't know about microwave popcorn bag lining issue!

On another note, one thing that helps ttc is also de-stressing.  Even walking for 30 mins helps keep your hormone levels in check, in some women.  I have PCOS, so exercising is especially important to me.

I finally was able to concieve my baby after going through 3 cycles of IUI. (Lots of women go through so much more than I ever had to.) I work in healthcare and would see women who were drug addicts coming in to deliver a second, third,etc baby!  I figured, my lifestyle was healthier than theirs, so why wasn't I pg!

I don't have much to add to this but from my experience, do what you can to have an overall healthy lifestyle when ttc but also take some studies with a grain of salt.  Numbers (stats) can tell you basically anything you want them to.

Good luck!
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Thanks, you are right about de-stressing. I have been trying to really relax and avoid stress. To be honest I have given up on much of the "to avoid" list. In the beginning I was gung-ho about it, but sometime in yr 2 it started to become too depressing to deprive myself of things I like (like coffee and sushi) and still not be pregnant. So I decided to just live my life and be reasonable about things. I did finally get preg, 3 times actually, but none lasted past 6 wks, unexplained. I just now found out ibuprofen bad when ttc and wonder if that affected things bc I have been on motrin on and off for back probs.

I'm glad your iui was successful. It always gives me hope to hear other women's success stories.  
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Have you been worked up for the early loses?  I

have no idea if this fits you or not but a friend of mine has a blood disorder that caused her to not carry for very long.  She could get pg but she wasn't able to carry past a certain point. After she had some work up done, this disorder was found. She was maintained on  medication for the blood disorder throughout her entire pg and she delivered a healthy baby boy.  
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